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>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

The breathtaking and majestic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

In more ways than one y'all!

I cannot apologize enough for the huge gap in posts and the fact that I've still been unable to get Friends. Dreams. Memories. zipped and uploaded for you, however, the whirlwind of events this side of the screen have kept me from the best seat in the house!  Yup, that would be my computer chair or exercise ball!  LOL! Designing is my passion and my creative outlet, as well as my way of being able to help others preserve their most precious and priceless memories! *big, big smile*

How is everyone? Hope y'all are staying happy and healthy! By far the two most important states to be in I believe. Not being happy can make us unhealthy so I see the two going hand-in-hand. What do you think?

I've always been very honest with all of you, yet I've wavered back-and-forth in whether or not I tell all. My not doing so makes my blog posts appear erratic and me unstable so I need to fess up as to what is going on over here!  I know that I will feel a weight lifted and that I am still in a very good place compared to so many others, so please know that I am totally optimistic, as is my nature, and that I just wish you to know the why behind me struggling in getting to my blog on a regular basis.

When I returned home from Washington on July 31st, after having had the glorious opportunity of welcoming my first granddaughter into the world, Robert, Corinne and I sat down to dinner one evening shortly thereafter.  We always have a wonderful meal time together and laugh very heartily together.  This particular evening, something in our conversation prompted Robert to tell Corinne and I that he was about to lose his job.  I get teary-eyed repeating this story, as it brought my sweet and most precious man to tears in having to tell us.  He loved his job more than I can express to you. 

While we are now amongst many families who have suffered a job loss, I have great faith and am completely optimistic as to the outcome of our future! 

Robert had been under a great deal of stress due to circumstances beyond his control at work and, all-in-all, we both agree that he is in a much better place being both happy and healthy now that he is not dealing with certain issues anymore.

Let's just say that when he went to the doctor, it was documented that Robert's job was the source of his stress and climbing blood pressure. 

I am happy to report that Robert's blood pressure is lower than it has been in the nearly ten years that we've been together.  He is at peace and that is worth much more than the paycheck was!

Anyhoo, Robert is doing some schooling and preparing himself to re-enter the work force when the timing is right.  In the interim, he is getting unemployment and we also have a couple of borders here at the house who just happen to be family members! WOOT, WOOT! *big smile* Robert's younger sister, Corinne and my youngest son (twin), John.

So, with my sweet and lovely man being at home, y'all just know that I am spending more time with him and it has been more difficult for me to focus when I do get to the computer as there are many other things going on and more than the usual interruptions! *wink*

I did not have the opportunity to tell you before I left for Washington that I lost a sister-in-law to breast cancer towards the end of June and then two days later my niece's (who you will see in a photo with me below) ex-husband, yet still good friend and father figure to her twin girls, passed away from his battle with prostate cancer after having just celebrated his 48th birthday on Father's Day.

I also have another sister-in-law, Connie, who is fighting with all she has to fight with at the moment to win her battle with breast cancer.  Please keep her and her very supportive husband and my brother, Todd in your thoughts and /or prayers. 

While I was truly hoping to have my celebratory scrapkit on your hard drives this week, Robert and I have been helping two sons.  My oldest son, Matt and oldest of my twins, Luke are having to leave their home, part ways and make other living arrangements.  They recently lost two roommates, thought that they could handle all expenses on their own and then had their work hours cut!  Luke is working and going to school and will be moving in with a good friend and his family.  Matt will be staying with us temporarily until he is able to secure a place elsewhere.

Seems to be a big snowball rolling around these parts and it is not even snowing!  LOL!

All things for a purpose.

Thank you for bearing with me y'all!  I've been working diligently when I'm able to sit for a few minutes on creating a special kit that, I hope, will let you know how thankful I have been for your friendship over the past three plus years. 

Just this past weekend, I received a call from my older sister, who lives in Minnesota.  She was here in California with her son, daughter and two of her granddaughters to coordinate a memorial service for my niece and nephew's Nana who recently passed away.  Cindy, my niece, asked if we had some time to meet them for a short visit.

I have not seen my sister, Mandy since just a few days after 9/11 when I flew to Minnesota.

We met up with everyone at Fisherman's Wharf in San Franciso and had a fabulous three plus hours together before they headed off to the San Francisco Airport and their return home.

The photo at the top of my blog post was taken by me.  Robert used to live in San Francisco as a teenager, so he is familiar with all of the little out-of-the-way places for some grand sight-seeing.  We were below the Golden Gate Bridge and were snapping photos of a gal trying to ride the waves.  Wouldn't you know that she finally made it up on her surf board just as we were pulling out of the parking lot! ROFL!

Robert's sister, Corinne.  My oldest son, Matt.  Me.  My niece, Cindy.  My sister, Mandy.  We are across from Fisherman's Grotto #9 on a record-breaking day of heat in San Francisco.  It was 94 degrees! 

LOL!  I look quite frumpy and disheveled don't I?  I was trying so hard to maintain as just prior to Robert snapping this photo, my niece, Cindy, to my left, had lifted me into the air in both of her arms!  I wasn't sure whether she was simply overjoyed to see me or showing off her buff body!  ROFL!  Nonetheless, I am still in an emotional state here as I see my nephew, Mike for the first time in 13 years and my niece, Cindy I had not seen since she and her twin daughters came to visit us in 2002.  I thank my sweet man for capturing memories as I am always the one behind the camera and he insisted since I had the cell phone, that he man the camera!  HA, HA, HA ... no pun intended!

After my sister and family left for the airport, Robert, Corinne, Matt and I had a blast touring San Francisco.  We watched the sun set at Ocean Beach next to the Cliff House while walking in the surf and collecting sand dollars!  We drove down Lombard Street before grabbing a bite to eat and heading home shortly before 11:00 pm.  Yup, we had a grand time and are still talking about it! 

Sometimes the best trips are those unplanned.  Our entire day was completely spontaneous with no time line.  I think we all benefited from it greatly!

Oh YAY!!!  Just got a phone call from my son, Mark.  He is headed down for me to help him apply for a school grant and is bringing my grandson!  I have been in need of a Grandma fix and just mentioned it to Robert before dinner earlier this evening.  What timing and I actually completed my blog post - WOOT, WOOT!  LOL!

Hope to see you all with the goods very soon. MWAH!

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