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>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank you all so, so very much for the past three years of incredible memories.  I love y'all like family and whether I am posting or not, I think of you all often. *heart*

A few detailed images of *Friends. Dreams. Memories.*

Totally inspired by y'all and Kim Brodelet's September Colour Challenge at DSO!  MWAH!
Life has been busy to say the least and all has been focused on my precious family.  Seems the big boys need just as much TLC, if not more, than the little ones!  ROFL! *the proverbial chesire cat grin going on over this side of the screen* ... He, he ...

I so wish to be following my passion, but am readjusting to being content in taking the time I am allowed to sit here and play in Photoshop and with y'all! I miss you all dearly and while one can never really catch up, I hope to be doing just as much as I am able to real soon!

Carole dearest, if you just happen to find this in your inbox, I shall be making every effort to call you on Tuesday sweetheart.  I miss our chats my dear, sweet friend!

Girlfriend, I will call you this weekend! It was so good to catch up with you on Sunday!  We're both still alive!  LMBO!

Sharon, I've been meaning to email you to see how you are doing lovely lady.  Thank you for the note to let me know that you are alive and kicking.  I really was concerned.  Congrats to Jace and his new bride!  Woot, woot! My Jace just started pre-school, but I just know he'll be walking down the aisle before too many more blinks of my eyes! *sigh*

My dearest Jane in Australia, congratulations on grandbaby number eight love!  Weeeeeee ... you are amazing! *heart*

I will reply to the comments from last post next week as I'm getting things ready for the November Blog Train, *The Orient*, set to depart throughout Scrapland, Monday, November 1st!  Are you ready???  Guarantee, you won't wish to miss this one, especially if you have had traveled to the Far East, live there or have relatives that live there or have been to visit.  Really, really cute stuff!

And, I just have to catch y'all up on my grandababies!  A short and very sweet video clip of Katelyn, who is three months old this month and my precious little red-headed boy, Jace, who just started preschool.  Jace is 2-1/2 and absolutely loves going to school!  He's only been two days now and already knows the routine!  *Be still my heart*

Katelyn Rose appears to be rolling over on command!  This Grandma's heart is leaping for joy to see her precious Baby Girl interacting with her mommy! I'm so sure I heard Katelyn say, "I love you" to Grandma!  Didn't you?  *wink*

Sorry for the pixelated images.  I snagged these just a few minutes ago from Facebook and y'all know what they do to the images!  ARGH!  Ah, yah, speaking of ARGH, that is Jace's pirate face you see in two of the photos above.  I shall have to snag the video Jessica posted of him learning to do "the pirate".  Since the family's trip to Disneyland last month, Jace is totally fascinated with pirates and I have a very good feeling that he will dress up as one for Halloween!  Hmmm ... reminds me, I will have to share a few photos of his pirate makeover at Disneyland!  Behind?  Yup, that would be me!  Anyone relate with me on this? 

A little quote I came up with while scrapping a page as a CT four years ago.  I just went and looked it up as I've not thought of it until now ... thinking about how quickly my grandchildren will grow up.

"What is time but the movement of one moment into the next." - Linda Walton

Yup, me, being short (okay, I am five-foot six) and sweet (most of the time!) as I've kept you waiting long enough! Not! Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!

Thank you for visiting with me and for all of your love and support!  Y'all rock ... and then some!

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Wishing you all an incredibly sweet and fabulous weekend and may it be full of scrap! *grin* You just know I'd love to see a layout or two from y'all now don't you? *wink*  I will have a way for you to share them with me, and all who visit my blog, very soon! Woot!

See you back on Monday with my contribution to the November Blog Train! Toot, toot!

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