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>> Monday, April 30, 2012

 Product used:  Doodled Arrow RubOn and Word Art
from *Spring Sun and Easter Fun Add-on* 
by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Happy Monday y'all!

As promised, I'm back with a little add-on to *Spring Sun and Easter Fun*! (checking pulse and in shock that I'm here ... I am actually here!)

Know what?  I love my peeps!  Yup.  That would be y'all!  *sigh*

A special thank you to my darling granddaughter, Kate (and her mommy) for the use of her sweet little peep loving self this past Easter.  *big smile*

I have not attempted anything hybrid in quite some time and thought printing out the journal cards I've included in the add-on to be a great place to start for a couple of reasons, the most important of which is to make sure that you are getting quality product! *squee*

As declared in my TOU, everything I design is created and saved at 300 ppi (pixels-per-inch) for superior quality printing.  I printed the six journal cards on White Card Stock (110 lb weight) by Georgia-Pacific.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit just how long I've had this, barely, used package!  I can guarantee you that I shall be using it much more often now! *yay*

While I am not officially taking part in Becky Higgins, Project Life, I love the genius behind it and with the sensation the 3X4 journal/fill-in cards have made across Scrapland, I have thought of many uses for these little gems aside from slipping them into photo sleeves:

  • Gift Card (punch a hole through the top and attach to a gift bag or wrapped package with Baker's Twine, ribbon or string)
  • Thank You Card (tuck inside of a purchased or homemade small envelope to mail, hand deliver or place inside of your mailbox to let your mail carrier know what wonderful service they are providing :)
  • Memo/Fancy To-Do List (I'm going to be using mine for this during the month of May!  I already have them cut and stacked on my desk and they look so purdy ;)
  • Dinner Place Cards (conversation starters, share one of your recipes on the back, unleash your creative genius ;)
  • Love Notes (slip one into your hubby's pocket before he leaves for work or into your children's lunch boxes for an extra dose of love and/or encouragement)
  • Inspirational Refrigerator Magnets (print your favorite quote, scripture or motivational message, laminate and use a peel-and-stick magnet or glue one onto the back.  Decorate to your heart's content and give a few as gifts!)
  • Coupons/Rewards (an extra hug, a foot massage, back rub, extra treat,  extra points toward a prize, one less chore, a car wash, solo shopping trip with Mom, a mani-pedi, not to mention multiple uses for homeschooling families :)

I'm sure that y'all have many other fabulous ideas in mind too!  I'd love to hear them. *smile*

Journal Cards are printed out and ready to cut!

Above, you see the journal cards after they have been cut with my 
Fiskars 12-inch Cutter.  I was not happy with the job done, but then
I've not used the cutter for quite a long time and even though the 
blade cartridge was new when last used, it had some serious
issues.  Come to think of it, my cutter has never cut decent straight
lines.  There has always been a bit of a curve/jag on one end.  Now, I'm
not sure whether the cutter itself has an uneven spot or if I need to
chalk it up to operator error!  *Ha, ha* Anyhoo, they are sweet
nonetheless and I shall definitely have fun using them!  I'd love to
know what your recommendations are for a good quality cutter.

A quick reminder that the May Blog Train departs tomorrow, May 1st!  My post should come through about the same time as this one today.  Hope you enjoy the download!

Have a fabulous week scrapping and making new memories everyone!

Sorry, this link has expired. Will be adding to my shop soon. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Bon Scrapatit!

Enjoy and remember, it is scrap-happy hour 24/7 in Scrapland! 

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