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>> Sunday, April 29, 2012

Product used:  3X4 Journal Card, Doodled Arrow RubOn, Floral Cluster
and Glittered Butterfly Scatter from *Spring Sun and Easter Fun Add-on*
by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Hello my sweet Scrapland friends!  Hope this posting finds y'all happy, healthy and full of scrap!

I've truly not meant to be away for so long, however, the past two years have found me doing just that more often than not.  This post shall be short and sweet and, by way of future posts, I shall share with you my current plans for Bon Scrapatit Designs and a little bit about what is behind my not being able to spend quality, productive time on the computer!   

No novel.  Just a fairly quick synopsis of my life this side of the screen and how it is changing for the better after an aha moment as to what the real root issue was that kept me in a daze (I suppose confused could go right along with that, eh?  He ... he ...), unable to focus, far too easily distracted (even though I've had plenty to keep me from what I love doing the most) and not even having the desire to sit here for days/weeks at a time.  OMGosh!  Is this me I am talking about?  Yup.  It sadly is, but no more of that.  Uh, uh.  Nope.  No way Jose!  (Sorry Jose, nothing personal I promise *smile*) This girl is not only on her way to vibrant health, she is on her way back to Scrapland in a way she has only dreamed of for nearly two years.  Woot, woot ... yeah!  *big grin*

Oh, how I have missed y'all and anything scrapbook related!

Question.  Do you still have some Easter/Spring scrapping to do?  Please let me not be the only one.  Pretty please!

I am sharing with you today a scrapatit (Bon Scrapatit Design's version of a quick page, pronounced scrap-uh-teet) from a layout I made using a couple of photos that my daughter, Joan, emailed to me the week following Easter.  Of course, my heart skipped the usual few beats when oogling my precious, adorable granddaughter, Katelyn Rose, who is now 21-months-old! 

Hasn't Kate grown?  She is as busy as a bee can be and I miss and love her so.  Scrapping this layout was not only good therapy to cure my scrapping/designing deprivation, but good for my Grandmotherly soul!  

No novel Linda!  Oh, but there is simply so much news to share!  *biting tongue*

 Layout created by:  Linda Walton
Product used:  Paper, Embellishments and Word Art from 
*Spring Sun and Easter Fun* by Bon Scrapatit Designs
(from the March 2012 Blog Train)

I am including a couple of photo placement guides to make it easier to properly align your photos in this scrapatit.  The two openings are a little tricky since they are not flush to the background from being shadowed and it might take some tweaking to get them layered properly and such, so this little afterthought got me a little excited about saving y'all some time!  

The templates are proportioned precisely and I hope you find the instructions simple to follow.  They will, naturally, be covered up once you clip your photos to them!  *tada*
For those of you who might be downloading and using this scrapatit right away, I would so love your feedback as to whether you find the photo placement guides useful.  While most of you visiting me are seasoned scrappers, I know there are always new digiscrappers popping in who would welcome any timesavers.  Come to think of it, I am a fairly seasoned scrapper and I still enjoy timesavers!  *big grin*

For those who might not have already downloaded my blog train portion of *Spring Sun and Easter Fun*, you can click the image on the sidebar, or grab it here.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the add-on.  If you download the scrapatit, you will find a preview of the add-on included!  It feels good to be even a wee bit ahead of myself for a change!  Knocking on wood.  Both this post and the one for tomorrow with the add-on are being scheduled ahead of time so that I can hunker down and prepare for the departure of the May Blog Train on Tuesday, May 1st!  Yes, yes, yes ... it is time to climb on board and find yourself some scrapping goodness from nearly 80 designers once again!  It is my hope that you be royally pleased!

Wishing each of you an incredibly beautiful week ahead.  May it be a most scrap-happy one at that and I am looking forward to spending more time with y'all and helping you to preserve your most precious and priceless memories!  Uhm ... you know, that part of my logo/branding that tells you I'll be giving you a taste of the scrapping life!  *wink, wink, wink*


 Bon Scrapatit!

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