timeline madness, are you ready? meet henry and a small gift for y'all!

>> Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Any of you that are regular users of Facebook have surely met the new Timeline, whether it be out of curiosity or the pressure to conform to the soon-to-be automatic conversion!  My dabbling this past week was a bit of both and in doing so, Spring goodies are still forthcoming and, today, I come bearing a smallish gift of a different color and theme.  *waving white flag*

Are y'all caught up in the Timeline madness?

I had been informed the end of last year that our personal Facebook accounts would be converted to the new Timeline the end of December, however, that obviously did not take place.  It still has not!  Hmm ... *wink* 

Last week, I read that Fan/Brand Pages will definitely be switched over to the new look the 30th of this month.  I had been working on a fan page for the very near future and am now glad that I had to abandon the project while away for the birth of Henry.  (Yes, my official announcement/introduction of Henry is my new Facebook Timeline Cover!)  There are going to be several changes in addition to the new Timeline feature!  For those of you who are still on the fence and/or have not had the opportunity to really dig into what's to come on your Fan/Brand Pages, here is a link with some great tips and explanations from John Haydon:

Eleven Ways Facebook Page Timelines Change Your Content Strategy

For those who have not yet tackled some Facebook clean up and/or a Timeline cover for your personal Facebook account, Kim Komando is an excellent source of information with her article:

Don't Let Timeline Embarrass You

Anyhoo, I shall believe it when I see it after all of the hype about the change over for personal accounts that, still, has never happened!  On the positive side, I am now prepared for the day they do, indeed, automatically convert our personal Facebook accounts!  *double wink*

What happened to the *Spring Sun and Easter Fun* add-on? 

It seems in the mix of my Timeline creativity and doctor appointments this past week, I realized that I have yet to finish furnishing my new computer with all of the necessary goodies to design with!  One of those being, my fonts!  *blush*

I have a few technical issues to tend to the next few days.  Nothing major.  Just my older computer still not being able to stream flash video and my new computer having no sound!  *big hearty chuckle, lest I cry* 

My sweet man's suggestion, with a big grin on his face - watch the video on the new computer and listen to the audio from the old one!  By George, in this case Robert, he was on to something.  Well, if only the green screen of video death did not freeze the old system!  He, he ...

A gift for your Timeline ... or not!

Whether you already have a Facebook Timeline Cover and want to share a new arrival or simply wish to collect covers to keep on hand for future updates, the downloadable file below is in PNG format, created at Timeline cover dimensions (851 px X 315 px), which will allow for you to simply add your photos beneath and then save as a JPEG file for uploading to Facebook!  I have added brief instructions on how to use this product, along with a few tips.  They are included on my TOU in PDF format.

If you have any questions, you may ask them in the comment section below or by emailing me at bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com.

In the event that we are already Facebook friends (I'm not quite sure how I have this set up and whether it is viewable to the public or friends only) and you'd like to see how the Timeline cover actually looks on Facebook, you can check it out here:


And, we know that scrapbookers are super creative people who can always find a new use for embellishments, so for those of you who are not on Facebook, you can use this gift in the creation of a small birth announcement, greeting card, or add it to a brag book page! 

Bon Scrapatit!

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Thank you!

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