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>> Friday, March 2, 2012

It's just shy of midnight.  What else is a girl to do to wrap things up and call it a day but check Facebook one last time and update her status with a good night message.  *wink*

Last night was different.  Just a wee bit.   I was going to be swept up in the madness of the bewitching hour!  Caught up in the moment even. *smile*

Surely after reading several postings about the planets being in alignment and a broom standing on it's own warranted my own experimentation, don't you think?  Come on, you know you would be curious too.  Wouldn't you?  He, he ...

My brain, after midnight, is typically depleted of oxygen and I quickly enter into what I refer to as the rum-dummy hour!  I'm fairly certain this does not happen to y'all ... right?  You know, when everything is funny and you can actually sit alone in a room and laugh out loud!  *chuckling*

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I experimented.  It worked.  End of story.  Well, sort of ...

I am a researcher, so the part of my brain still getting oxygen thought, why not Google this interesting tidbit of information before passing it off as being, the real deal! 

The gullible little girl inside of me wishes to hold onto the memory that something cosmically wonderful was really happening last night, just after midnight.  *grin*

Happy Friday y'all!

P.S.  If curiosity gets the best of you, go ahead, grab that broom! 

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