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>> Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi y’all!  Firstly, I apologize for not making it back here on Friday as I had hoped to.  I have SO much to share with you all, but I will be on a plane headed to Washington to await the arrival of my first granddaughter in less than five hours!  Did I mention that I’m thoroughly tickled “pink”?  LOL!  Yup … I am, I am, I TRULY am!

I have been away from designing, not by choice, but necessity!  Robert and I attended the 99th annual Bay to Breakers run/walk in San Francisco on May 16th and we’ve been nonstop ever since!
Robert’s younger sister, Corinne, moved back to California from Tennessee and is staying with us for awhile until she secures a job, is settled and finds a new home.
It has been wonderful having another female in the house and Corinne and I have found ourselves sitting down to lunch or taking a break from our daily doings and not getting up from the table for several hours!  We’ve had lots of catching up to do and then some!

The invitation above was one I designed for my daughter, Joan, at the request of her sister, April, who was one of the two hostesses of her sister’s baby shower.  Needless to say, I was quite honored to be asked to take on this wonderfully sweet project!

Below, you will see a photo from the site listed on Joan’s invitation.  Carousel Designs is the manufacturer of the nursery attire (Black and White Zebra) that Joan chose months back when she and I spent some time scouring the Internet for something a little different.  Well, okay, “I” thought it was different but as it turns out, it is quite the trend today!  I LOVE black, white and pink together and I cannot wait to see how the nursery comes together during my stay.  It’s a little wild, yet very chic at the same time!  I LOVE it!  Baby Girl’s crib skirt be be a solid pink with black binding at the bottom and I don’t think Joan is using any Paris decor, but she is hunting down a reasonably priced black chandelier!  Have y’all ever browsed through a site of chandeliers?  OMGosh!  I hadn’t even thought of the possibility of SO many models!

Black and White Zebra

I can hear the excitement in my daughter’s voice each time I speak with her.  She had a few rough weeks when Baby Girl was on her sciatic nerve several weeks ago, however, Baby Girl decided to go easy on her mommy for the remainder of her time in the womb!  Baby Girl’s due date is the 13th and Joan is still going to work as she is feeling really good!  YAY!  Not necessarily that she is still working, but that she feels THAT good! *wink*

Oh my, I am just babbling on so, aren’t I?  Okay, the announcement that I’ve been wishing to share with you is that I have been asked to be a part of the very first Creative Team for *Love that Shot* (formerly Open Scrapbook)!  I am SO excited as I just fell in love with the ability to work with tutorials to improve my photography skills as well as a place to learn how to create my first photo book from beginning to end.

*Love that Shot* is owned by two wonderfully talented sisters, Michelle and Misti.  Both love photography!  Michelle gives fabulous tutorials to help us learn, whether beginners or those with experience but who wish to hone their skills.  I fall right between the two somewhere!  I LOVE photography and have had a passion forever and have just not taken the time to hone my skills and bump myself up from a novice to a semi-professional shooter!  He, he …

Anyhoo, I know I am late on this, but the girls are having their VERY fist CT Call and today is last day to apply.  My bad!  Blame it on all of my hard labor the past several weeks and my preparing for my trip! *wink*

If you LOVE taking pictures and would like to learn some GREAT techniques, tricks and tips, along with receiving some FREE goodies each month, click on the image below and check out the details at *Love that Shot*!  Even if you are not interested in a CT position, please check out the site as I am sure you will find something of interest to you.  Check out a few of the girl’s free tutorials to give you an idea of the quality in presentation.  You will even find some FREE goodies to try out HERE!  I can’t wait to dig in when I return from Washington the beginning of August, as I have already signed up for Michelle’s “Blossom” workshop!  *Love that Shot* is TRULY a photographer’s heaven! And y’all just KNOW I’ll have a ton of newborn baby photos to work with too!  :D


I have truly missed y’all dearly, as well as my designing and I hope to return from my three-week stay with my daughter and SIL stoked and ready to get down to some serious business!

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy and enjoying all that the season holds, whether it be summer or winter!  I will be checking in every so often and will post photos for you just as soon as Baby Girl makes her debut!  Yes, she is still Baby Girl as her mommy and daddy have not come to agreement on a name yet and Joan’s thinking is that once she is born, the “new” mommy and daddy emotions will take over and they will look at her, each other and come forth with a proper name for their new bundle of joy!

I am leaving you with a wee bit of a goody before my departure this morning in just under three hours.  ROFL!  Didn’t I start this post two hours ago?  LOL!  I’ve been up and dashing about more than I’ve been sitting I do believe!  Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to share the invitation I created for y’all to use as it can be used for a variety of events as well as a brag book page!

I am including two files; one in PNG format with two openings for photos and one in JPG format to add your own touches to.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Take care, scrap happy and I’ll be setting up an automatic post on Friday for my add-on to *Picnic in the Park*.  Have y’all downloaded everything yet?  LOL!  GORGEOUS goodies for your summer scrapping for sure!

See you soon!

Love and hugs,

Linda :D

P.S.  My BFF, Dawn Mills aka Snowsmoon’s Design has been working hard on some hand-crafted goodies for Baby Girl and I cannot wait to see them when they arrive at my daughter’s home!  Dawn is just the sweetest and I cannot tell you how touched I was when she shared with me all that she was working on!  Pop on over and see what she has been up to lately!  I won’t spoil her announcement, so check it out HERE!


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