thought i had a slipped "disqus" ...

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But, I do believe that all is well y'all! LOL!

I wanted to give you a heads up to my new commenting widget by the lovely Disqus!

I have had an account with Disqus since last year as I frequent many techy type websites that use Disqus, however, what I did not know, until renovating my blog, is that one can use the Disqus widget on Blogger too!  WOOT!

I hope that you all will find this user-friendly and understand why I have chosen to go with Disqus rather than Blogger's traditional commenting system.  I can now reply to you personally! YAY!

I've chosen my long-time and good friend Carole's comment as an example to how I am able to reply back directly beneath your posted comments:

I do believe this will make for an incredible method to my madness of trying to keep up with all of you lovelies and with a very personal touch.  It has pained me not to be able to do this in the past.  Honestly!

You can post using your Facebook login, Twitter, Disqus (of course!), Yahoo and a few others.  The only downfall that I have found thus far is that you cannot use your Blogger ID, but you can sign in anonymously if the need be.  Just make sure to sign your name so I know who I am replying to or, you can sign up for an account with Disqus! *smile*

I love that Disqus keeps track of the comments we leave out and about as we peruse the Internet too.  That is, if the site/blog we are visiting is also using Disqus - very cool!

If you are not signed in, the window below will open and ask you to identify yourself, but you must have already typed out your comment otherwise, Disqus will ask you to!

If there is ever a particular thread of comments that you would like to keep up with, or to see when I have replied to your questions, requests, etc., you can subscribe here as well.  There are a couple of options for subscribing to comments.  You may subscribe by email or by RSS feed.

If you have any questions or find anything out of sorts, please feel free to post them in the comments section so that I can reply to you immediately upon checking for new comments.  How cool is that!   

I'm still tweaking Disqus as I find a couple of things are not showing up that I asked for, so keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I do NOT end of with a slipped "Disqus" after all!  ROFL!

I'm SO happy ... *big grin*

Now, off to finish creating my goodies for the blog train and to work on my new siggy!

Learning brings about growth, which brings about change.  I love it!

What is something that you have learned recently that has led to growth and change for you?

Until we meet again ...

Love and hugs,


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