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>> Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday y'all!

Phew!  I knew the word art portion of my contribution to the April blog train had great significance to me and I was also hoping it would be equally meaningful to most of you as well!

After finding a photo for my blog train preview of our grandson, Jace, taken from Halloween last year, I looked at both Jace and his mommy and the lyric from Norah Jone's smooth jazz recording, Chasing Pirates, popped into my head immediately!  The meaningfulness of this lyric hit me even harder this past week when my older brother, Albert came to visit for the first time in six years and the two of us drove up the hill to celebrate with Jace on his third birthday last Thursday.  This was my brother's first time to meet his grandnephew!

I sat admiring my precious grandson, balloons in hand, as he literally ran in circles in the living room as most any active little boy would be prone to doing!  Jace was donning a cute pirate t-shirt to which I remarked, "I really like your pirate shirt Jace!"  Without hesitation and still tracing circles with his tiny feet, Jace exclaimed, "I like it too!" *sigh*  Be still my grandmother's heart.  He is growing up so very quickly and speaking like a little adult.  When asked about his bulldozer, he was quick to point out that it was not simply a bulldozer, but that it is an excavator!  Oh my.  It was not so very long ago that I was cradling him in my arms and welcoming him into the world! 

Robert and I often glance at each other, while visiting our children and grandchildren, with a faint look of exhaustion as we remind each other of why it is we believe that we had our children when we were younger.  Much younger.  LOL!  When mentioning this 50-year-old plus revelation to my daughter-in-law, Jessica, she agreed and tossed into the mix of the conversation the same reasoning for a young child's naptime!  *smile* 

I have a very good feeling that our grandchildren shall keep us both mentally and physically challenged as time goes on ... and that my friends is a good thing!

I've been away from the computer for a week now, with the exception of an hour or two on Friday, and while I've not spent all of that time chasing pirates, I have had the pleasure of a visit from my older brother for the first time since 2004.  Albert (our father's namesake) is one of my two older brothers with whom I was not raised, have seen face-to-face less times then I can count on both hands and who lost his wife of 40 years to breast cancer June of last year.

After a lovely five days of catching up with my brother, including visits with three of my sons and extended family, I took an evening off (last night) to relax, reminisce and rejuvenate with Robert and my sister-in-law, Corinne.  I found my way back to the computer after our dinner earlier this evening to finish a layout I had started Friday night and thought I would share it with y'all and, of course, make it into a scrapatit for you to add to your collection of *Pirates Not Allowed* goodies from this month's blog train!  Are your hard drives full yet? *wink* 

Our grandson, Jace, celebrating his third birthday on April 7th.  This Grandma's mind was surely racing from chasing her
darling little pirate with the camera on this wondrous day of celebration! LOL!
Layout created using *Pirates Not Allowed* by Bon Scrapatit Designs

I shall be back to prepping kits to upload to my shop at MyMemories this week and I am also working on some new designs for another little bit of news in the making! *cat's got my tongue*

Hope to find everyone enjoying life's precious moments and scrapping each and every one of them to your heart's content!

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