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>> Thursday, December 1, 2011

 This was the first time all six of my children were together at our home in just a little over
two years.  I am so hoping that we are all able to follow through with our bi-annual
gatherings, *sigh*  It surely does a Mama's heart good.  Speaking of which, I need to
work on a plan to visit my mama!  Just in case you see this Mom, I love and miss you
dearly and I really do hope to see you soon - XOXO
Hi y'all!

Happy December and here we go, continuing the holiday season!!!  Hope everyone here in the states had a fabulous Thanksgiving no matter where you were or who you were with.  *smile*   

Extra blessings were flowing this year as my daughters flew in from Washington (with grandson, Henry, in utero and my darling granddaughter, Katelyn, whom I've not seen for nearly 1-1/2 years!) and Matt, my oldest son, met up with my oldest daughter and her husband,  having come in from Dutch Harbor, Alaska and spending a few days with them,  then finding an extra seat on the same flight here to California!  Smooth move *happy dance*
I apologize for being a wee bit late.  I decided to scrap a layout using my mini-kit contribution for this month's blog train and it was a good thing I did!  I had a plan for that  P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S. tag and it was no where to be found - ROFL!  Argh!  Ah, yah, how about getting a little sleep there Linda.  An oxygen deprived brain is not the best way to get 'er done!  He, he ...

You should be coming in this afternoon (evening, night or morning too :) from ...

Your next stop on this amazing digital scrapbooking train is ...

If you are following the list from (or just in case you get lost along the way) ...
THE BLOG TRAIN BLOG ... well, then you are a little over three-quarters of the way through this massive haul with 90 designers contributing!  *Woot, woot ... yeah!*  You can also take a peek at all of the contributions on The Blog Train Blog's lovely slideshow!

I know it is a long ride and as always, please give it at least a full 24 hours for everyone to get their files uploaded and links posted as we are participating from all across the globe *big grin* 

For those who might remember me (LOL!), I am finally gifting myself with a new computer this Christmas as I struggle to get anything accomplished with only 3 GBs of RAM powering PSCS 4!  Can we say S.L.OW.?  I will catch you up just as soon as humanly possible and I even have some photos to share.  *Yay*

I will also be adding some journal strips and/or word art and a few more embellishments to *{Holiday} Traditions* over the course of the next week.  You would think that the kiddos all dressed especially for this color palette, but they did not.  Imagine my surprise when I started working with the group photo, which I did not have time to enhance as I had hoped to, and realized they all coordinated with *{Holiday} Traditions*!  Outstanding *big smile*  So, naturally, I am going to scrap some of our Thanksgiving photos! 

I did alter the hue of the blue jeans a bit to better match the blue in the palette *wink*

We are doubling up the end of this year and will have another train ride come January 1st!  Yahoo!  Lots of scrap happiness to end 2011 and to begin 2012 with!  Sweet!

A personal high-five and thank you goes out to Trish Heffner, our dearly beloved Blog Train Coordinator, who keeps this train on track and has been doing so now for 3-4 years.  You are more than amazing sweet lady and I look forward to another year of train rides through Scrapland!

Here is my preview of *{Holiday} Traditions*:

Sorry, these links have expired and will be added to my shop soon!

Now, I have but one request ... *Get your scrap on!*

Stay happy, keep on scrapping and I'll see you soon ...

Thank you for stopping in!

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