"winter refresh" is here! are you digging it?

>> Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grandma's precious little snowbabe, Katelyn Rose at 16 months

Woot, woot ... YEAH!  I made it y'all!

I am posting my preview image and download link for *Winter Refresh* both here and on my prior post.  I just realized that my image will not get picked up on the original January 2012 Blog Train departure post because I had no link attached at the time of posting!  *Oops*

I know that not all of us are experiencing winter at this time, though most of those who visit me are indeed!  So, are you digging it?  LOL!  My thought in asking that particular question is, "Are any of you having to dig your way out of the snow to get to work, take the kids to school, go shopping, etc.?"

We have been very cold here in Northern California with no snow.  Not even a drop of rain since winter officially set in!  However, three of my boys that just left for North Dakota on the 28th of December are finding a bit of a climate change in their new home.  It's been down in the teens with snow.  Brr.

When I thought about our blog theme this month, I could feel the cold air engulfing me as I step out onto our deck.  REFRESH!  There are so many ways for us to refresh ourselves and one of my favorites is to cool down.  Whether it be stepping outside into the brisk air or rinsing off with cold water before stepping out of the shower, I find it so very invigorating!  *smile*

What is your favorite way to refresh yourself?

I hope you find *Winter Refresh* useful for some of your winter scrapping.  The included word art is made up of words that come to mind when I think of how wintertime might refresh us*wink*

Again, I apologize for the delay in posting my part of the January 2012 Blog Train.  My computer has just not been cooperating with me and now that I have a few days that will be fairly light-duty, I shall finally be able to set up my new computer that has been sitting here for two weeks!  Nothing techie and new has ever sat that long without me getting my hands on it immediately, so that gives you an idea of how full my days have been!  LOL!  I am sure that y'all can relate, especially this time of the year.

I hope the new year has started out well for everyone and that 2012 brings to each of us all that matters most!  *big smile*

Sorry, this link has expired.  Will be in my shop soon!

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