>> Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi y’all!

Happy “82nd” birthday to my precious Mama and Happy “52nd” birthday to my baby brother!

I am just checking in briefly to let you all know that I am not only swimming slowly, but have been temporarily out of the fishbowl again while it’s getting a bit of a well-needed cleaning!  ROFL!  I think y’all can get a fairly good visualize of what that MIGHT look like, eh?  He, he … ACK!

Short and sweet.  My older computer, home to my e-mail activity, is no longer booting up and as of last night, I was finally able to get everything set up on yet another computer!  LOL!  Uhm … honey, would you mind if I set my e-mails up on YOUR computer?  LOL!  Yup, well he really does not mind as he does not use his computer here in the office, but his laptop in the other room, so that was comforting to know I could set up without having to on my design computer. 

I had grown accustomed to being able to keep my e-mail window open while working in Photoshop on the newer computer, however, it has been such a SLOW process that the older computer finally giving out was actually a blessing in disguise! It has forced me to seek a quick resolution to my mounting frustration of not getting anywhere because of my computer “hanging” forever when mouse-clicking on a link!  HA, HA! Yes, there is ALWAYS a method-to-the-madness, now isn’t there?  *big grin*

I hope to find y’all staying healthy and doing some SERIOUS scrapping and I should be back over the weekend with the templates I mentioned last post, along with a few photos to share!

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL weekend!

Love and hugs,

Linda :D

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