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Gosh, I have SO missed everyone and wish to take this opportunity to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for such a WARM welcome back, although, I’ve sure have been SLOW at getting back here, eh?  LOL!  Y’all are TOO sweet for words and I just wish you to know HOW special you are to me!  Thank you from the depths of my being!

Okay, I will catch you all up on things a little along the way as it has felt SO good to get back to Photoshoppin’ and I wish to start working on some NEW designs!   I am going to do things a little bit differently this time around as my perpetual late nights have wreaked havoc upon me and I am now on a schedule and in bed by 11:00 pm PST, most of the time!  Yeah, that has been a bit difficult when being a night owl is in your DNA, however, for health purposes and giving my body the ability to rejuvenate, I quickly threw up the white flag and gave in!  He, he … not to mention that I am now up and at ‘em early and walking with the LOVE of my life!  More about that another time! 

I am sharing just a few photos from my son’s wedding the end of September!  We had a FABULOUS time!  I will give more details in another post along with sharing a few more photos. 

Before I head on into this month’s challenge and today’s freebie, I wish to let everyone know that if you have sent me an email in the past month or so, I have now collected most of them and put them into a file for me to reply to.  I have had SUCH a struggle with being able to reply from the older computer I had everything coming to and thought that computer had finally bid me farewell, however, I turned it on the other day and VOILA, it booted up!  WOOT!  Anyhoo, my mails were getting stuck in the outbox and that is usually an indication of going over the limit on my personal email server, so I tried setting up on Robert’s computer and had difficult replying on there as well. *sigh* 

My method to my email madness was to finally cave and put everything here on my design computer AND to make them all Internet based!  For me, this will work well as I will no longer overload my computer with saved email and will have access to everything in ONE location.  I chose to go with G-mail for this since I already had two accounts that I had been longing to merge into one!  I am happy now that I can view ALL mails in the same window and when I get a little more time, I may even apply a few filters to simplify things even more!

To those of you who have inquired about past kits, I shall reply to you directly.  If you have inquired and do not hear back from me within the week, please send again as I either have not received it or have lost it in the process of moving mail. 

Carolyn – I am remembering a comment from you that you had sent me an email about Armour Thyroid.  I searched and searched and did not locate one.  Would you please resend as I am VERY interested in reading what you have to share.  Thank you!

I hope that y’all will join Dawn of Snowsmoon’s Designs and I for this month’s *Days Gone By* challenge!  Seeing as how we are coming up upon Thanksgiving here in the United States, we are challenging you to create a layout that preserves something or someone that you are thankful for from *Days Gone By*!   You can find all of the details HERE!  (you MUST be registered first)  You will also see all of the links posted on the upper-lefthand side of my blog throughout the month.  Dawn will post info and links on her blog as well.  Please give us feedback if you encounter any troubles in registering and/or getting into the forum.   You can reach me at bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com.

Here is a peek at this month’s posting bonus:


I gave out a small sampler of this mini-kit last year, so some of you may remember it!  This was my contribution to the monthly Treasure Chest at One Single Seed, formerly know as Treasures To Scrap, which closed during the summer, so I am now free to sell it or give it away!  Guess which I am doing???  HA, HA!  When I first saw the color palette, I was stumped!  Once my mojo kicked in, I didn’t wish to stop!  I LOVE this combination of colors – SO rustic and perfect for this time of the year, don’t you think? 

And for your freebie today, I am giving y’all the scrapatit I used to scrap some of Mark and Jessica’s wedding photos which, of course, is made from our November challenge posting bonus, *Glitterfall*!  ENJOY and I’ll see you again SOON!

Have a GORGEOUS day everyone!

Love and hugs,

Linda :D



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