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>> Monday, May 3, 2010


There’s got to be a morning after and I do believe this is it!  LOL!

Happy Monday y’all!  I hope this finds everyone recovering nicely from the past weekend’s spectacular festivities all about Scrapland in celebration of (inter) National Scrapbooking Day!

Family business kept me away from the computer most of the weekend, however, I did grab a few things I was after and even found myself a brand new adventure to embark upon!

With my inability to focus on much more than one thing at a time and my dire need to start preserving my own family’s most precious and priceless memories, I was taken to a new site that just started up several months ago called, Open Scrapbook, which is owned and operated by two sisters, Michelle and Misti, along with their husband’s helping behind the scene!   Without my going into detail, check it out yourself and if you think it is something that might suit your needs, I would then encourage you to give a try.  Membership is on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at  anytime and they even offer a money-back guarantee during your first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied!  Click the banner below to give it a peeksie!


I have mulled over many different methods of getting my 35+ year collection of photos scrapped and into albums for my children and grandchildren that are multiplying quickly!  For those of you who happened to read my post about Shutterfly (click here to read if interested), you will remember my reasons for choosing them over the other options available.  This is not to say that I may not have photo books printed elsewhere on occasion, but to accommodate the years and our “huge” family, I am creating share sites as a way to bring us all together to share photos at full resolution and to compile those photos into yearbooks, along with weddings, births, birthdays and anything else we wish to create a photo book for.

I am definitely an “all” digi girl for time purposes as well as cost-effectiveness!  Although, I shall always welcome hybrid projects of other sorts along the way, as I do enjoy working with my hands too! 

My first goal at Open Scrapbook is to follow along with Misti’s six-week course on creating, uploading and printing a photo book at Shutterfly (yes, this is what ultimately sold me on giving this a go)!  Misti takes you step-by-step in planning, enhancing your photos (the site has many tips, tricks and tutorials for photography and scrapbooking), journaling, etc.

Long story short, I am hoping that this will give me the kick in the backside that I need to put aside some time for my own scrapping while still being able to help others in preserving their memories!  I love designing and would feel an empty spot if I had to give it up, so this just might be the answer to giving me the balance I need doing both!  WOOT! 

I will, of course, keep you updated as to how it is coming along!  LOL!  Yup, I shall need to keep myself accountable now won’t I?  He, he …

One more share before I leave you with today’s freebie!  My long-time friend in Scrapland, Kathy Brandt, has a couple of awesome challenges going on over at her site,!
Click on the images below to go to the forum where you can read the rules of each challenge.

Each challenge has three software prizes valued at $49 or more.

Thank you to Erwin Denissen, High-Logic for donating these wonderful font software packages for the challenges.


Today’s goody is coordinating word art to my contribution to the *Summer Surprises* Blog Train.  I’ve added an extra link to a “bonus” piece, as in trying to post an image at the beginning of my post and realizing that the black print would meld right in with the background of my blog, I decided to glam it up a bit with a gradient overlay and then added an embellishment!

If you don’t wish the “while on vacation” portion attached, you may use your rectangular marquee tool to make a selection around it and then hit the delete key!

Bon Scrapatit  and see y’all soon!

Linda :D


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