"summer surprises" may blog train and happy international scrapbooking day y'all!

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

WOW!  This is a SUPER Saturday for sure!  I just know y’all have been prepped ahead of time to make some room on your hard drives and I hope you’re all well-rested to boot!  There is SO much going on everywhere it makes your head swim, so I’m figuring that most of you that are planning on participating in chats, challenges, hunts and such have made yourselves a list of the events that take top priority!  Last post, I invited y’all to share your tips, tricks and/or secrets to how you keep yourself organized and on track for such a HUGE event!  If I have the opportunity to do so, I will share with y’all what I have found, purchased and/or participated in via a separate post!  WOOT!  I am SO excited because I just love me some good deals! He, he ...

Well, speaking of “on track” … TOOT, TOOT!  The May 2010 Blog Train is officially departing this beautiful first day of May!  Below  is a slideshow showcasing the lovely previews from the incredible designers who have generously given of their time and talent to bring you … *Summer Surprises*!  These FUN colors will warm you inside and out as you begin to embark upon your spring and summer scrapping, not to mention vacations past!  LOL!  I resemble that remark as my last post included a layout of one of my sons on his vacation this time last year! 

There is a plethora of designs on this train … I think of fishing trips, pool parties, swimming lessons, beach outings, tropical vacations, trips to the park, playing in the sand or even in your own backyard!  Scraps of your beloved garden, trips to the ice cream parlor, purchases from the ice cream man, a cruise, a trip to the aquarium, water-themed amusement park or a day out on the lake.  You can even scrap and create gifts for Mother’s Day!  The sky is the limit! 


Being the first stop this time around, I am posting early to make sure that my blog is ready to roll down the tracks on time!  Seeing as it is also (inter) National Scrapbooking Day today as well as the departure of the May Blog Train, *Summer Surprises* and we have designers participating from around the globe, please give a full 24 hours for everyone’s contribution to be posted.

If you happen upon a blog that has not posted yet, you can hop over here to The Blog Train Blog to click on the link to the next blog and just make yourself a note of which blogs you may need to visit again. 

I’d also like to remind y’all, and especially those who might be new to blog trains, that the traffic can get pretty heavy causing for the inability to download right away or even an incomplete download.  If you continue to have trouble at any one particular spot, just move on the next and go back later.  My personal preference is to wait about a week and then go collecting after the heaviest volume of traffic has passed!

Most everyone should be leaving their downloads posted at least throughout the month of May, although they should remain until the June 30th and right before the departure of the next train on July 1st.

If you happen to get an incomplete download on anyone’s blog, please remember to delete it from both your downloader and your destination file for a clean re-download.

Have FUN everyone!  Enjoy the train ride through Scrapland and all of the festivities of (inter) National Scrapbooking Day! 

Love and hugs,

Linda :D

Here is my contribution to the *Summer Surprises* May Blog Train:


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