>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

My apologies for the delay, but LIFE has gotten in the way (a quote from my uncle Greg!) and I am not quite finished with my post and goody for y'all and if you know me well, you just KNOW that I won't rush it or do it half way!

We have to leave the house in and hour and a half to attend a BIG family bash two hours away that will have us celebrating three cousins who have and will be turning 30 this year! Robert's oldest son and namesake kicked it off in January! We have a niece turning 30 this month, two next month and then my daughter, Joan, who was JUST here last weekend, in October!

I was about two-thirds of the way through my story of what was the beginning of my two weeks away from our beloved SCRAPLAND and will finish up tomorrow morning as we won't be home until midnight or so.

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU to EVERYONE for your concern about my family. Everyone is OKAY and I will DEFINITELY fill you in on the GOOD, the BAD and EVEN the UGLY! ROFL!

I was hoping to have posted last Sunday, however, I was in a FULL-BLOWN fibro flare-up from overdoing it in preparation for my daughter and SIL's visit. I was a GOOD girl and rested up the past week, SLOWLY moving my way back to SCRAPLAND and y'all! Yesterday was my first FULL day back at the computer and I ALMOST had my post ready until another LOVELY distraction came along early evening and had me away from my chair for several hours! LOL! All things for a purpose! He, he ...

Have a GLORIOUS weekend y'all! MWAH!

Love you to pieces and missing you something fierce,
Linda :-D

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