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PHEW! I am FINALLY getting back into my designing groove! YAY! I was getting a bit concerned about myself, but just needed a little extra time to collect my thoughts and hunker down for some SERIOUS business!

Hope everyone has had a REFRESHING weekend and that y'all are ALL rested up and ready for the NEW week ahead!

I said I would continue from last post and add some more photos, so what better way to present them than in your GOODY for today! It is an "Embellished Glitter Bracket Frame", using the frame that MOST of you downloaded from F.o.r.e.v.e.r. Freebies at the beginning of the month! For those who might have missed the FULL kit, *Oopsie Daisies*, it is still available HERE.

A real quick EXTRA "thank you" to y'all for making my kit such a success over on Brandy's site - WOW! Y'all are just WAY to nice you know! *big grin* MWAH!

Okay, I am posting a few photos of the area where John fell asleep and went off the road. I will caption beneath each photo and this will also give you a bit of a feel for where we reside here in the foothills of Northern California! You will also see WHY we are referred to to as the "Golden State" in MORE ways than one! Yes, the discovery of gold AND the golden hills during the heat of the summer when the LUSH greens of spring give way to dry, wheat-like hillsides. And you just KNOW that makes our BEAUTIFUL Lake Tulloch all that much MORE appealing this time of the year!

This is the final climb before John fell asleep at the wheel. Just this side of the road sign
is where the highway begins to level out. If you look at the oncoming car with it's
headlights on, I am figuring that to be right about where John nodded off before
leaving the highway just in front of where Robert is waiting to open the door to our
"new-to-us" Explorer. Miraculously enough, the area that the John (or I should say,
the vehicle!) veered off onto is the ONLY turnout for quite some distance on this stretch
highway. The photo below is of the lake just across from where the accident occurred.
Again, I am SO thankful, and so is he, that he veered off to the right rather than the left.

We were just on our way back home from picking up Luke's car from the dealership
where Robert left it to drive his new ride home to pick me up and a document that he
needed to give the salesperson. Robert only had liability on the older Explorer, so
all expenses were TOTALLY out of pocket for us. John did give his savings to Robert,
which was what Robert had paid for the older vehicle. I was VERY proud of my son for
making this decision on his own, without being asked.

Here Robert is looking at the side of hill the Explorer slammed up against
breaking out the back window. I can now understand why it was that John
thought he had rolled the vehicle. With everything happening SO quickly
and him just waking up and the vehicle on it's side momentarily, it would
have felt like a rollover. The Explorer went from here upwards and then
back down again and coming VERY close to plummeting into the gully
just to the right of where Robert is standing. John ran right over the marker,
which is made of flexible material thank goodness!

This is the view directly in front of and above Robert. These are
called "table top" mountains. A lot of people park near the
bridge and hike these mountains, which are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous
during the wintertime when they are green and full of natural
waterfalls that form once the rains begin.

It is difficult to see the depth of this gully that John just stopped
short of due to the right-rear tire burrowing down into the ground
and keeping the vehicle from traveling any further! SO, SO thankful!

Robert having just pulled out of our gate and on his way to work in his "new"
ride for the VERY first time! After a two-hour drive to Sacramento the evening
before finding this one (the day after the accident), Robert and John met up
with a REAL con trying to sell
him an Explorer just like his older one (1995) that
didn't look fit for the road!
It is rather funny now as the guy talked a good talk and
was VERY convincing
to Robert on the phone. The photo on Craig's List only
showed one side and I
had mentioned to Robert, before he and John traveled the
two hours to see it,
that it makes you wonder what is being hidden on the other
side! LOL!
I was spot-on!

Well, all-in-all, there was a happy-ending for Robert as he LOVES his new Explorer,
minus the car payment we had not planned on, however, ALL things for a purpose
and we are now re-establishing credit so that is a GOOD thing! Poor John though,
he went on, as you know, to total Luke's car and I am still awaiting photos to see an
even MORE incredible miracle of John's survival.

Thank you for letting me share with you. You know this is VERY therapeutic for me
and it re-enforces to me that John's time and purpose on this earth is NOT finished!

HAPPY MONDAY y'all and have a SUPER spectacular week! I will be working diligently
on some goodies for a VERY special upcoming event at DSO the first week in
September, so
stay-tuned ...

Love and hugs,

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