the luck of the irish and some "shimmerin' shamrocks" for y'all!

>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 

I read a cute quote for the first time earlier today on Twitter.  “Everyone is Irish on March 17th”!  LOL!  I am thinking there is a lot of truth to this as I have seen people from all over the world shouting out “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”!  And just what is there NOT to like about St. Patrick’s Day?  Great history about St. Patrick himself, the luck of the Irish, kissing the blarney stone, a huge celebration, corned beef and cabbage and, of course, River Dance just to name a few!  I took tap dancing as a wee tot, but my head would have been swirling trying to keep up with the Irish step dancing that I’ve grown accustomed to over the years!  PHEW!  AMAZING talent and stamina!

So, you just KNOW that I have to share a little bit of Irish step dancing with you, now don’t ye? *smile*  I have disabled my mp3 player so as not to interfere with the viewing of the video below.  I’ve been listening to my selection of Irish music ALL day and if you can keep still while listening, you are a saint!  LOL!  My legs cannot be still for a moment!  In fact, I managed to find myself up and dancing about my office several times today!  Yah, a good workout mixed with a little fun!  If you wish to listen to the Irish music after the video, feel free to press play on the player located on the sidebar!  Warning:  some part of your body WILL move!  ROFL!

Is not that simply AMAZING?  I could watch this over-and-over again and I most likely shall until it is no longer visible on my home page! He, he …
I have had a rather distracting day today (will catch you up tomorrow as it is really is very interesting) and did not finish up revamping the embellishments for *Shimmerin’ Shamrocks*, so I shall leave you with two links to download the background papers and I shall be back tomorrow with the embellies, followed by an alpha on Friday!

“Versatility abounds in this lush palette of greens and rich earth tones complimented with antiqued-metal embellishments, shimmerin’ jewels and sparklin’ glitters that shall be fitting for any outdoor adventures as well as your St. Patrick's Day festivities, visits to the local Celtic Fairs, vacations to beautiful Ireland or documenting your Irish heritage”!

Well, you will actually see the shimmerin’ jewels, antiqued- metal embellies and most of the sparklin’ glitters tomorrow! *wink*

Bon scrapatit!

Linda :D

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