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>> Thursday, March 4, 2010


A few photos from our grandson, Lohgan’s second birthday party, September 2009.  He is SO sweet and studied his gifts with such intensity!  VERY hands on!  LOL!  And what boy isn’t?  Lohgan is a natural little musician and can often be found playing guitar and drums and, hopefully, now the cute little keyboard we bought him for Christmas!  All of Robert’s boys have inherited a love of music and instruments from him and his Hawaiian heritage!  Have you ever met a Hawaiian that could not play a mean conga?  ROFL!  Okay, I am sure there are a few out there, but there is no lacking in this family!  I’ve even moved the congas to the living room so that Robert can strike up a beat while awaiting something in the microwave, coffee brewing, etc!  
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Photos: Courtesy of my Fuji FinePix 3100S (yes, a REAL oldie!) and Virtual Photographer’s FREE “Radiant” filter

Thank you SO very much for all of the SWEET and LOVELY comments y’all!  My heart is overflowing and I DO read each and every one, plus emails!  I only wish I had time to reply to everyone, so I hope that you will know from reading here just how much I appreciate each and EVERY one of you! 

To those of you who gave me feedback on my SOS (sick operating system), a MULTITUDE of thanks!  I disconnected ALL cords from my system, from the surge strip and then from the wall and I held in the power button to release all static!  While I was at it, I did my quarterly blow-out session with canned air.  It did not look bad at all, however, this particular model has three fans and the one attached to the CPU had some pretty big dust bunnies nesting!  LOL!  Got ‘em!

I only connected the monitor, mouse and keyboard to begin with to see if my system would boot up and load Windows.  VOILA, it did indeed!  WOOT!  I connected everything else and here I am!  Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! MWAH!

I did not make it into tackle the job until I had caught up on sleep, however!  I slept about 4 hours Tuesday morning and was awakened by a phone call from the new bride!  She was calling to find out how her mama was coming along and then I got to hear all about their stay on the Mayan Riviera.  Lots of history there.  They both had a FABULOUS time and are already lined up to visit Puntacana in the Dominican Republic, which is where my baby brother and his family go every year now!

You simply cannot beat the all-inclusive deals, which include airfare, hotel accommodations, food and beverages!  Insane prices if you find them at the right time of the year.  The hotels and surrounding vistas are GORGEOUS!  Hey, what’s not GORGEOUS about the Caribbean?  I’m game!  LOL!  Okay, in my dreams and … well, dreams DO come true now and then, eh?

I laid my head down to nap at 6:00 pm and did not awake until 7:00 the next morning!  I was well-rested, refreshed and ready-to-go!  ROFL!

Now that I know all systems are go, I shall work on finishing up the journaling strips I owe y’all for *Heartfully Yours*!  Remember those?  LOL!  I am also going to work on a new kit this weekend and I am also going to be giving away some of my older kits that I’ve sold in the past.  So, keep your eyes open as they will be randomly posted, however, they will remain on my blog as long as I have room on my 4-shared account!
If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I will posting my *Shimmerin’ Shamrocks* scrapkit first, which I have revamped a bit from the original.  I stand corrected in that I’ve actually used four-leaf clovers and I offended someone by calling them Shamrocks, however, everywhere I go I see them referred to as Shamrocks, so I left  the name as I liked the way it flowed and, they DO shimmer!  Please don’t be offended as I am an American-born Irish lassie who has never encountered a TRUE Shamrock here in the US!  :D   I would SO love to visit Ireland one day.  I’ve heard such WONDERFUL things from those I know that have been.  I am sure there are many of you here in Scrapland that have been, eh?  What are your fondest memories of your visit?

*Shimmerin’ Shamrocks* is really a very versatile kit and I LOVE the lush and rustic colors which will work wonderfully with your outdoor photos from camping and hiking trips and out to your backyard!

Here is a little SNEAK-PEEK and VERY small representation (I need to repackage it so could not show the original preview)  for those who have never seen it:

Now for the CT call!  My best girlie, Dawn of Snowsmoon’s Design, is going to be opening up two stores and she is in need of a few die-hard scrappers who would like to work with her designs!  Yup, I’m going to help out when I am able and will be working on a layout for one of her new kits starting tonight!  It’s been a while since I’ve really scrapped, let alone for someone else and I’m looking forward to giving her my best!

Dawn is a REAL sweetheart and easy to work with and you can tell you I sent you if you wish!  Click the image above if you wish to be transported to Dawn’s blog!

Well, if you’ve stayed with me this long, you SURELY deserve a little something in return!  Here is a little sunshine for y’all to use to showcase that SPECIAL someone that brings a good, healthy dose of sunshine into your life!

Word art is included in a separate PNG file.

See you soon!

Much love,

Linda :D

P.S.  I would LOVE to see what y’all create with my designs.  Please consider adding a layout or two to the slide show at the bottom of my blog to feed my visual appetite! *wink*
I am hoping to rework most of my blog come next week, so if you happen to stop by and things looks strange, that is ME playing around!  LOL!


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