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>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Just a quick fly-by to let you know that I am on my way back with *Shimmerin Shamrocks* embellishments and alpha!

I have spent the past week in search of two important items I had used in the creation of the embellishments and in so doing, I have finally taken some MUCH needed time to sort through and organize my CU goodies!  PHEW!  No wonder I struggle in moving from one project to the next!  I think to myself, yeah, I’ve got just the thing for that and then, it never fails, I draw a blank and forget which designer I purchased the item from!  Unfortunately, my designer beginnings were before I thought myself ready and I seemed to float from one project to the next and would be lucky enough to get files unzipped and put away, let alone organized by category!  Up until now, I had everything filed by designer only – NOT practical whatsoever!

For those that get even a tad bit sidetracked in your day-to-day doings, organization surely is the “key”!  Of course, I’ve known this for a very long time as my brain shuts down in clutter and that extends to my computer files as well!  ROFL!  I’ve just never had the opportunity to go through my EHD and/or CD/DVDs to clean house and to transfer items I wish to use to a more functional area on my C drive.  I’ve spent some late nights the past several days as it is quite time-consuming going through each file and deciding what to move over and what to leave alone!  LOL!  However, I am feeling better and better about my new CU filing system with each passing day and NOW I can finish my goodies for y’all!  WOOT, WOOT!

I do apologize for, what seems to be, my lollygagging (when is the last time you heard or read that word?) in getting back to you and I hope that you understand that this will ultimately make me MUCH more productive than I have been! I seriously believe my inability to find what I need has stopped me dead in my tracks on many occasions.  ARGH!  No more … I hope!

Happy mid-week everyone and I shall try my best to help y’all get over the “hump” with some goodies before the clock strikes midnight!  HA, HA!  Now, I did not say in which time zone, but then y’all know where I live, right? :D 

Until we meet again … *wink*

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