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>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More obstacles than I can count since I last posted!  I’m telling you, I need a secretary or two!  LOL!  Yup, grown kids and I am still interrupted constantly!  :D  No complaints, just feeling poorly because I’ve not been able to get the finishing touches completed on *Shimmerin” Shamrocks* so I can get the files zipped and uploaded for y’all!

To make amends, I have added extra goodies and am also including six solid papers.  I actually ended up redoing several embellishments and updating too!

Today is our grandson (from my son, Mark and daughter-in-law, Jessica), Kaleb Jace’s “2nd” birthday, so I am on the fly, once again!  It is also our niece, Halia Lynn’s “3rd” birthday!  Happy Birthday Babies!!!

Anyhoo, I am off to the shower to, hopefully, be ready when my son, Luke, arrives to take me up the mountain to pick up a few things to take to Jace’s birthday party later this afternoon!  Lots of errands and SO little time!  ROFL!

I hope to start zipping files when I return home tonight …

I had a full blog post all ready to go on Saturday when I was called away.  Come Easter Sunday, I just didn’t have the heart to post St. Patrick’s Day goodies, so when I have had a few moments in between taking care of things for those needing my help, I have just kept adding little things here-and-there!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far and are scrapping happy!  See you soon!


Linda :D

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