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>> Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiffany and Joshua on their wedding day!
May 13, 2006

Happy Monday everyone!

Thank you SO very much for your kind words, your thoughts and your prayers for Joshua and his family.  My beloved Scrapland family is appreciated MORE than words can express!  Thank you SO much to each one of you. :D

I think I slept most of Saturday and half of Sunday due to lack of sleep and, of course, emotions.  I do apologize for not getting here sooner to give y’all an update on Joshua.  I did not sit down to even check email until last night and I was too groggy to write and I wanted to be as concise as possible when updating you!

Joshua went in for surgery to repair the compound fracture to his right leg on Saturday.  The surgeons could not complete the surgery due to the burn on his leg.  They did remove the tube from his throat as there is NO damage whatsoever to his lungs.  Thank you Daddy! 

Joshua was able to speak to the nurse, even though heavily sedated.  He asked who all was at the hospital!  Tiffany explained to me that he would be fine one moment and loopy the next, but she was SO happy just to be able to talk to him and to hear his voice!  He was able to explain to her, in detail, what happened to him.

Robert arrived at the hospital, with his sister, late Saturday night.  He was able to go into see Joshua, which we had thought might not be possible due to the strict visiting hours.   We were thinking he would not be able to see his son until the following morning.  He was SO happy and SO exhausted when I spoke with him!  I would have loved to seen the faces of them both when their eyes met.  *sigh*

Sunday, about noon-ish, Joshua went back into surgery to finish the repair to his leg.  The plan was to put a titanium rod in his leg, but due to a natural curvature to Joshua’s bone, they had to use a plate.  Robert called me as soon as he was out of surgery and then again later after Joshua had been returned to his room (he was moved from ICU to a regular room sometime late Saturday I believe and is still in the Burn Center).

Tiffany’s mother and father stayed at the hospital until Joshua had been moved to a regular room and until both Robert and Joshua’s mom had arrived.  It was SO relieving to know that Tiffany has had family with her the entire time for comfort and support.  Not to mention all of the love, thoughts and prayers coming their way!

As of my last phone conversation with Robert about two hours ago, Joshua is headed back into surgery.  Today they will be skin grafting his right hand, which did suffer third-degree burns.  The rest of the burns are second degree and should heal up just fine.  Robert said that they may be sending him home on Friday!  He is hoping to be able to see Joshua once more before he leaves for the airport to return home.

Joshua and Tiffany have a two-story home, so Tiffany’s dad is working to get a ramp made before Joshua’s homecoming as the master bedroom is on the second floor – ARGH!  Robert is thinking that with the severity of the fracture to Joshua’s leg in combination with the burns, that they will most likely put him in a wheel chair and give him a walker as crutches would be much too difficult all things considered.

Again, I (we) thank you SO much for your lovely comments, thoughts and prayers of support.  MWAH!
I hope to be back later this evening or tonight with the something VERY special to me I wish to share with y’all, as well as another goody!  So, keep your eyes peeled for the blog post title, “Something old, something new, something borrowed …”  I am going to REALY value your input on this one! *wink*

Have a GLORIOUS day everyone!

Much love,

Linda :D

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