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>> Saturday, April 17, 2010


Credits: Little Boy Interrupted created with *Affections* by Snowsmoon’s Designs
Fonts: DJB Laura Script by Darcy Baldwin, A Little Pot and Eras Light ITC
Photo: Linda Walton using Paint the Moon Photography’s Hello Gorgeous!, Make My Skin Perfect and
Sparkle Eyes photo actions from the *Miracle Makeover* action set

Happy Friday y’all!  (Please read my post script and you will know why this is being posted on Saturday)
Well, I had hoped to see you before now, however, it has been quite a “taxing” week for me to say the least!  ROFL! 

I have done taxes for all of my boys and Robert.  I did three of them back in February and just finished up the other two late last night!  My oldest son, Matt, had finally received his W-2 in the mail yesterday afternoon after his previous employer had sent it to a very old address and then after he requested a replacement and waited and waited, there was still no form received so Mom advised him to call again and to make sure they are sending to the correct address!  TADA!

Before I  go on, please let me say that y’all TOTALLY overwhelmed me with your sweet and VERY supportive comments to *Shimmerin’ Shamrocks*!  Thank you SO much and I’m glad y’all like it!  Honestly, I thought with it late in coming, that it would not be well-received.  Y’all have surely proved me wrong in such thinking!  Thank you!

The following paragraph is an update that I just placed beneath the links for *Shimmerin Shamrocks* in my previous post and thought I would cover all bases and post here too:

A few of you towards the end have expressed difficulty with the first background papers zip file.  I have just downloaded to my desktop and encountered a problem with source file not being read.  Sometimes these things happen for reasons unknown to me and you may have to try downloading again.  I have downloaded a second time with 100% success.  Reminder - when you are having to repeat a download, always make sure to remove the first file from your downloader and from the destination file you are downloading to.  In this case, I cleared my Firefox downloads and then went to my desktop and deleted the incomplete files.  I hope this helps and thanks again for your amazing support! MWAH!

I did come here to show y’all some *Affections*, so here we go!  My BFF, Dawn of Snowsmoon’s Design, has just recently released a couple of new scrapkits in her new store at Digi Scrap Station!  As I was playing with those new photo actions that I mentioned to you last post, I just HAD to scrap one of those photos with Dawn’s bright and cheery, *Affections*!  I love Dawn’s choice of colors and her papers are LOVELY and SO easy to work with!  These colors just make me SMILE! :D
The photo is of our grandson, Kaleb Jace (goes by Jace), on his second birthday week before last!  He was not a happy camper when his uncle Matt picked him up and put him inside of Uncle Luke’s truck!  He was TOTALLY interrupted from his play! 
I will share more photos/layouts as I have time to do some serious experimenting with my new actions!  I also wish to devote a post entirely to the genius behind these AMAZING actions, Annie Manning of Paint the Moon notoriety!  Hmmm, guess I’d better get to working on those photos!  Just a few words will NOT do Annie justice.  She is awe-inpiring to me and a real sweetheart!  Oh, and I will make sure to show you before and after photos! *wink*
Here are a couple of previews of what you will find inside of Dawn’s *Affections* scrapkit:
You can find *Affections* now at Digi Scrap Station

Dawn has been kind enough to allow me to share my layout with you by way of a “scrapatit”, which also includes the word art, Little Boy Interrupted and Little Girl Interrupted.  I am also including separate PNG files with all in grayscale so that you are able to apply color, etc and to put the words together however you wish to!

I shall, God willing, be back on Monday with something VERY special to me that I wish to share with y’all as well as another layout share and freebie!
Have an AWESOME weekend everyone and make it a VERY scrap happy one too!

Love and hugs,

Linda :D

P.S.  This post is actually posting the wee hours of Saturday morning.  Robert received one of those phone calls that no parent ever wishes to receive as he and John were on their way home from work.  I had met him outside to hand him the phone with good news from his baby sister and the look on his face was telling me that something was not right.

Robert’s number two son, Joshua, had a serious accident at work yesterday, which has left him with second-degree burns, a compound fracture to his right leg (broke both tibia and fibula).  They cannot perform surgery due to a burn on or right above his right knee.  The greatest concern had been for his lungs due to inhalation of chemicals from a fire extinguisher, which sprayed him in the face after he jumped ten feet from a platform to save himself from the fire that had started.  That jump is also what caused his broken leg.  According to our last conversation with Tiffany, Joshua’s wife, they do not think there is any serious damage to his lungs and that they should be just fine!  We are EVER so thankful that he is alive and that he will be okay.

Please keep Joshua and his family in your thoughts and/or prayers.  I will update y’all just as soon as I am able.  We are waiting to hear from Tiffany later this morning after she meets with a team of doctors.  Joshua is currently in ICU at a Burn Center.  After Tiffany calls, we will be making flight arrangements for Robert to travel to Tennessee to be with his son.  We are truly blessed to have such a loving and supportive family that has already taken much of the load off of our shoulders in contacting all of the family with the news and then with updates, helping with travel arrangements, airport pickup, etc.  Robert also has a sister who lives just two hours from the hospital Joshua is in who will be up to visit as well.

Joshua has been returned to us safe and sound three times from his deployments to Iraq (Fallujah) while serving in the Marines from 2002-2006.  We are more than optimistic that he will pull through this with flying colors!

Sorry if I am rambling on.  It has been draining emotionally and you just know the hardest part was the not knowing the full extent of Joshua’s injuries until Tiffany could get herself to the hospital (they had to life flight him to another hospital three hours away) and to speak with the doctors.  Much needed sleep awaits me … good night!


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