"shimmerin' shamrocks" are finally here and so is spring, woo hoo!

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I had a fairly long post all written up and ready-to-go for Saturday, but was called away and was not able to finish up *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* and had not the heart to post on Easter Sunday.  However, I just have to share with you the photo that went along with my post title, *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* are here, but where, OH where is Spring?  ROFL!

We now have an annual Easter picnic with Robert’s side of the family, which brings the multitudes together on a lovely, warm and sunny day here in Northern California at a VERY nice park.  Robert had been telling me for over a week prior that it was going to be snowing down to 2,000 feet on Easter Sunday!  NO way!  Uh, yup, yes way! 

As you can see by the photo above, which I took at 2:10 pm on Saturday, the day before Easter, it was SURELY going to rain!  And, it did indeed!  Come Easter, late afternoon, it was pouring!  No picnicking for us and I, seriously, doubt for anyone else either!

Yesterday, you would never have known that we were experiencing blustery weather just the day before!  It could not have been a more perfect day to celebrate Jace’s second birthday! The sky was pure blue, with no need for even a sweater, while the thermometer reached 70 degrees shortly after 2:00 pm!  It was heavenly! 
On the way to Sonora, you could see snow-capped mountains in the distance, which is always a treat to see when the sun is shining all around you!  I simply adore living in the foothills, especially this time of the year when surrounded by Spring greenery!

Well, if it is not one thing, it is the other with me, now isn’t it?  Here I finally get my hands on a sweet little point-and-shoot that snaps some gorgeous photos without much effort and Grandma is just snapping away as she watches her darling little red-headed grandson play with his favorite toys (trucks), only to notice that the photos were blurring.  This was a first time with this camera (an older Canon PowerShot – LOVE it!), so I was baffled.  Now, mind you, I am blind as a bat without my reading glasses on, so I had to grab them before inspecting the camera to find that, somehow, it had been knocked off of AUTO and was sitting two settings beneath!  HUH?  How did this happen?  LOL!  Needless to say, I was very disappointed in most of my snaps of Jace playing his trucks that are powered by pushing them forward several times – drats!  It was just WAY too sweet watching him, intently, push, push, PUSHING those wheels to make sure each truck went a great distance!

So, this is how I get myself into so much trouble!  Here it is three hours later since I started writing this post and I wanted to share a couple of photos of Jace on his birthday and then I just HAD to play with some new photo actions I bought Tuesday!  All I can say is, WOW!  I will share them with you tomorrow so as to give the INCREDIBLE genius behind them center stage!

Now, for some Spring greenery!  Remember, even though this scrapkit is chock-full of shamrocks, it can be used for many other layouts besides those depicting St. Patrick’s Day with it’s earthy-tones and sparkling jewels!

I decided to go ahead and upload all of the *Shimmerin' Shamrock* files to 4-shared since I started them there.  Also, because the file extensions are much shorter too!  Need to fine-tune the FTP situation so that it is not painful for either of us!  LOL!

Since it has been SO long since I posted the two files with the patterned papers, I am posting them again with the rest of the files for those who may come to download and don’t wish to have to hunt for them.  For those who HAVE already downloaded, you need not click on the first two links beneath the preview.

Thank you to you LOVELY ladies who always stop by, regardless, to say hello and to ease my guilty conscience for having been MIA so much this past year!  You seriously ROCK and I love you dearly!  *big grin*

Happy scrapping y’all!

Much love,

Linda :D


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