friday at the farmer's market, i scrapped and a freebie for y'all!

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

WOOT, WOOT! It's Friday y'all and time for another Friday at the Farmer's Market!

How are y'all doing? Hoping to find everyone winding down from their week and, perhaps, preparing to get your scrap on this weekend, eh? *wink*

I've got some good stuff to share with y'all from my travels out-and-about in Scrapland and beyond!

No particular order. I am not a partial person. No favorites. I seem to be that way with everything. I suppose it is a blessing in disguise to be the indecisive individual that I am. I mean, after all, being mother to six beautiful babes and now a grandmother to multiple grandchildren, I cannot be playing favorites, can I? He, he ...

I'm for real here. I cannot really tell you my favorite of anything. I might tell you that my favorite color is blue and that it has been since I can remember, but ... I don't swoon over blue and have to have everything in that color if you know what I mean! I like a variety of different colors and they can change at any given moment!

Do y'all have favorites? And, that is surely not a bad thing, it just tells me that you are able to make a decision and stick with it! *big grin* I say, KUDOS to you. At least you don't leave a craft store with a headache because you are overwhelmed with all of the AMAZING choices! ROFL! Is there something wrong with me???

Let's see hands!!! How many of you can go shopping knowing what you will go home with? Okay, now how many of you go shopping, leave with a headache (or close to it!), arrive home with the goods and still debate whether or not you made the right choice or choices? One more. How many of you can do it both ways? My hand is WAY up there on the last question!

I guess it all depends on my thought process for the day.  You know.  What do I really need and what is my budget this trip, or do I even have one! ROFL!  Does anyone else relate with me on this?  Anyone? *blush*

Oh, OH my!  Let me add in here that being decisive is a GOOD quality, however, I still would not have favorites amongst my children or grandchildren! *wink, wink*

On to the good stuff ...

Misti Tracy over at Love that Shot has a GORGEOUS new package of Olde World Photo Textures that will help to beautifully enhance your photos!  Have y'all ever tried adding texture to one of your photos?  I'm hooked! Take a closer look at these beauties HERE!

I just adore the work that Misti and her sister, Michelle, are doing over at Love that Shot!  Stay-tuned the beginning of next week when I will be sharing with you from one of the new monthly tutorials added for Love that Shot members!

If you've not already been over to visit, you can read all about becoming a Love that Shot member HERE!  While you are there, check out their weekly Giveaway (OMG, this week is SO cool!) AND this week's Link Up!  These girls are shutter happy and are a wealth of photog knowledge and SO friendly and helpful too!

Oooohhhh Santa ... you do remember that new camera I am needing this Christmas, don't you??? I'm being a very good girl ... patient and everything! *cheshire cat grin*

My dear, sweet Scrapland friend, Sarah Cabana aka Simply Sarah, over at Digiridoo Scraps is hosting the coolest challenge I've seen in quite some time and it is VERY near-and-dear to my heart!  As a matter of fact, Sarah informed me that she came up with this challenge after I had commented on a post on Facebook about how she had inspired me to document my memories of 9/11 before I forget them entirely.

Thus cometh, I Challenge You!  LOL!  Sarah, if you happen to read this sweetie, I am SO reminded of Uncle Sam of my younger years and I Want You! *smile*

Have you documented your and/or your family's memories of this MOST tragic day in US history? If not, come with me to the Digiridoo Scraps forum (you'll need to register if you are not already) and let's get our scrap on!  There will be a random drawing for coupons and certificates to the shops of designers who have donated them.  You will find a list of those designers posted in the forum thread.  That sounds like some good incentive right there, right?  We CAN do this!  We should do this if we've not already.  I have not.  ARGH!

Thanks for sharing with me Sarah and please holler at me if you don't see mine in the gallery by the last week of this month, okay? MWAH!

Wondering why I am posting the above images?  Aren't they pretty?  Guess who designed them?

Nicole Seitler aka Sugarplum Paperie aka Girl Friday, and owner of The Digichick has got a five-part series going on over on her blog, "How to Get Started in Digital Design"!  If you've had a passion to create digital scrapbooking designs and wish to know the how, what, when, where and whys of it all, check it out ... Part One (passion), Part Two (ability) and tomorrow Nicole will talk about, originality! I guarantee she will help you to make a wise decision one way or the other and is giving us a plethora of knowledge from her years in the industry.

Nicole and her long-time friend and designer colleague, Megan Farrow aka Flergs, were both interviewed by Noelle Hyman of Paperclipping fame this past Tuesday.  If you've not heard it or have never been to the "roundtable" Paperclipping-style, check it out HERE!  It is not only informative, but a hoot-to-boot!  Noelle and her husband, Izzy, who is the videographer as well as announcer, are quite the team each week as they bring us a variety of scrapbook related topics! 

If you are a Flerg's fan, you've just got to take a listen to her sweet Aussie accent!  I swear, it really makes people that much more real when you hear a voice to go with the face!

Before I forget, my Friday at the Farmer's Market will most likely not be a weekly feature as, well, it does take time to prep images and post and check links before hitting the publish button.  I'm hoping to bring you my fab finds at least twice each month.  Yes, I will still continue with Monday in the Marketplace as well, which will focus mostly on new scrapbooking products and sales that I find while out-and-about on Monday morning looking for some inspiration!  These posts will most likely occur at least twice a month as well.

So, I've mentioned that I will cover finds in Scrapland and beyond and my next find is definitely in the "beyond" category.  Etsy to be precise!  Are not these the SWEETEST bits of crochet you've ever seen?  OMGosh!  I bet you don't have to guess who I shall be buying these for!  Only, I shall have to wait until the talent behind these delightful goodies creates a set in a bigger size for Baby Kate!

The name of this Etsy shop is A Life Crocheted!  Is that not genius? I hope you enjoy browsing as much as I have and I WILL be back to buy! *smile*

My BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Designs has actually crocheted a set for Baby Kate already, along with making her a quilt and is just about ready to ship it off to my daughter.  Oh, I can tell you that she will have tears of joy in her eyes when she opens the package and sees all of the love that has gone into making these precious keepsakes!  If you'd like to take a peek at the quilt, which will match Baby Kate's nursery, you can see just how lovely it is right HERE!

Guess what???  I scrapped last night!  WOOT, WOOT!

Grandma's precious baby boy, Kaleb Jace!  The journaling reads, "Just when I thought I'd found my one true love, along comes another little pumpkin to capture my heart and Grandma finds herself falling in love all over again ...

I used a piece of the pumpkin background paper from the free Falling Again scrapkit,  posted HERE for those who might not have seen it, and lessened the opacity enough for the journaling to be legible and not overpowered by the paper.  I thought the addition of the pumpkin paper a nice visual to my reference, "another little pumpkin"!  At the rate we have grandchildren coming along, we surely will have an entire patch full of little pumpkins before long! 

Yes, of course, I just had to make it into a scrapatit for y'all!  I've included one with the word art and one without and have left lots of room for you to add extra ellies if you wish and some journaling!

Have a TOTALLY scraptacular weekend everyone!  I hope you find my finds interesting and useful and you will give them all a visit!

Please remember to leave me a comment here on my blog so I can I leave one for you too! MWAH!

EXTRA, EXTRA!!!  I just read, after posting this, that Scrapbook Graphics is having their VERY first ever open designer call!  WOW!  If you or any other designer you may know would be interest in being exclusive and want to apply, check it out HERE! 

EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA!!!  ROFL!  I nearly forgot.  Our newest grandson, Mylles, should be making his debut sometime tonight (or maybe tomorrow) as last we heard, Sofie was going to be induced today if she had not gone into labor beforehand.  I will keep y'all posted!  We are SO excited!!!

Bon Scrapatit! :D

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