it's falling ... again!

>> Sunday, September 12, 2010



Hi y'all!

Just a quick in-and-out to let you know that I've had my head buried in Photoshop revamping a kit I was about to retire permanently. I did remove many of the original items, have added some new, as well as new papers and will have it all packed up and ready for you tomorrow ... uhm, lest another emergency present itself! ROFL!

I will catch up with you tomorrow as I bring another segment of Monday in the Marketplace along with my newly renovated scrapkit, Glitterfall aka It's Falling Again! *big grin*

I keep falling for the deep, rich colors in this palette with the lighter hue of purple thrown in the mix and I hope you will find some use for it!

I also hope you've all had a restful weekend and are re-energized and ready to take on the new week with gusto!

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