the september blog train has departed ... toot, toot!

>> Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As the end of summer draws near for those of us on this side of the equator, the September Blog Train begins making it's way throughout Scrapland today bringing about a Fall Carnival of color to help us scrap our memories with some very cool designs by 100+ designers!

You should have found your way here from geniaBean scraps

Here is a preview of what the September Blog Train has on board:

WOO HOO! Get ready to do some serious scrapping y'all! There are a plethora of delicious scrapping goodies ready for the downloading when you meet and greet the September Blog Train at each station! I do believe my EHD will have quite a tummy ache when all is said and done! ROFL! Hmm ... this actually reminds me that I am in need of a new one anyhow as this baby is nearly filled to capacity! EEEKS!

Your next stop will be at Designs by Angel

If you get lost along the way, you can catch up with everyone here on The Blog Train Blog!

Reminder:  Give the train a full 24 hours to hitch everyone up as we have designers from all around the globe and in different time zones!

The Blog Train Blog is a fabulous way for y'all to get to know some new designers.  While stopped at each station, take a peek at what each designer is up to and bookmark their blog and/or site for future reference if you find them to your liking!

All aboard and until we meet again ...

Love and hugs,

Linda XOXO

My contribution and also the debut of my new preview packaging, so it looks just a wee bit different than it does in the slide show! *wink*

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