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>> Friday, February 11, 2011

 Wishing for my own car.  Hoping for my own car.  Believing I now have my own car because I am sitting in it!  My youngest twin son, John, sitting in his new Honda that, believe it or not, ran for one week before blowing a head gasket!  That beautiful smile turned upside down real quick ... poor babe!

Hi y'all!

Happy Friday!

Hope your week has gone smoothly!  I've already come upon a few more obstacles in mine, but they will be overcome soon!  ROFL! 

I cannot help but feel, at times, that I am either not meant to be digitally productive or that I am continually receiving some big lessons in the cyber world!  LOL!  I prefer to believe the latter!  *smile*

What now, you might be asking?  Well, I was 'mozying' around, minding my own business in Photoshop, when I was repeatedly distracted by the fact that my main drive was running out of room.  I made brief mention of this on my February 1st blog post. 

Three times this week I have moved 20 plus gigs from my main drive to my new EHD to free up space on my main drive, only to find it disappear again.  How can this be?  Where is it going to?  Hmm ...

Any one else reading today use Mozy to back up your files online?  Or did?  As of this past week, I have removed my rave review from the bottom of my blog and I am working on relocating my files to a new home that will continue to provide unlimited back up and I can even opt to use them as online storage, which means if I need to free up room on my computer or my EHDs, I can do so and my files will stay on their online server.  Who am I referring to?  Livedrive!

After finding quite a bit of chatter on Facebook and at Digi Shop Talk about the changes at Mozy, as well as the email most of us using them have received, I realized that they are no longer an option for me.  Way too expensive with their new price structure. Ugh!

My Mozy software has been updated twice since the end of December.  The first time, I noticed that the back up process was starting all over again and the files were being handled differently.  While I am not exactly sure why I am missing huge chunks of space on my main drive, I do know that since Mozy's changes, I have had issues with other programs acting a little wonky.

Without going on and on about this, I am simply going to start backing up to Livedrive starting on Valentine's Day (nice gift of love to myself!) so that I won't be billed until the first of March (Mozy is paid up until then), as they offer a 14-day trial.  Livedrive does not ask for any credit card information up front.  I like them a lot for this alone, as it does not make you feel like you are committed and then you need to be concerned about canceling, if you should decide to do so, within the 14-day trial period. 

I checked into another recommended back up service, however, they charge per computer.  Livedrive allows you unlimited computers, unlimited backup, unlimited storage (if you choose Briefcase) and unlimited bandwidth.  If you are interested, just give them a good look over and you will see all that they offer and the difference between them and your typical online back up service. Hope this is useful information to someone out there!

Just a side note on the price difference for me between Mozy and Livedrive.  I can subscribe to both Livedrive's Backup and Briefcase services for less per month than what Mozy wishes to charge me for under 200 gigs of back up alone!  Woot!  

Things may be a little slow going here on my end for the remainder of the month with backing up our three computers and my EHDs, along with some big family events.  So, please, bear with me, goodies shall be forthcoming! And, no, I've not forgotten about the big news I am waiting to share.  That should be forthcoming before month's end! *wink*

A quick reminder that Monday, Valentine's Day at 12:00 pm PST is the deadline to upload your layout(s) to the Bon Scrapatit Designs Flickr pool (link is located at the top of my blog), using any of my designs, for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the digital scrapbooking store of your choice!

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone and remember ... it is scrap-happy hour in Scrapland 24/7!

Here is your Fantabulous Friday Freebie!  Hope you like it and that, perhaps, it might give you a jump start on a layout for the Flickr pool chance to win! *wink, wink*

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