y'all have me clustered with a fantabulous friday freebie and your love has lifted me!

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

It is Friday!  The end of another scrap-happening week for many of us, which only means we are moving on into a scraptabulous weekend, right?  He, he ...

Wishing to thank y'all for the love.  I read every comment and personally reply to them!  It really does make me feel so much more connected to y'all when I can answer your questions or let you know how much your comment has meant to me!   You are also very encouraging and inspiring!

Okay, no rambling today, this girl is on a mission ... or two ...

I do have one request before leaving you with this week's FFF.  I don't always talk directly about what is heavy on my heart, but today, I feel compelled to as I know the tight-knit community we have here in Scrapland and that so many of us know someone who has been affected by cancer in some form or fashion.

You may remember my briefly sharing about the loss of my older brother's wife to breast cancer this past June.  I had also mentioned that I have another sister-in-law who has been fighting breast cancer too.  I've been trying to keep up with my younger brother, Todd's statuses on Facebook and his precious wife, Connie was taken to the City of Hope in Southern California day before yesterday.  The doctor has recommended Hospice. Last I read, they were awaiting the ambulance to go home.  I had not known until speaking with my mother a few days ago that Connie now has cancer in her lungs and her brain.  *sigh*

Connie is still so full of optimism and hope.  She is a fighter!  My precious brother, having to take time away from his job to care for Connie, is tired, weary and emotionally drained.  I can only imagine. 

I've had the honor and pleasure of meeting both my brother, Todd and his wife, Connie, face-to-face only one time (long story), yet I feel as though I've known them a lifetime.  They are, both, embedded deep within my heart.  I love them both individually and collectively.  They are truly an inspiration and are amazing models as to the kind of love we would all hope to experience with our partners throughout our lifetimes.

Todd and Connie, both, have incredible faith.  Todd's lastest update let us know that they are home and that Connie is resting comfortably and in good spirits.  They know they are in God's hands and taking things one step at a time.

Please, keep them both in your thoughts and/or prayers.  They have an incredible support system and it can never hurt to have a little more positive energy coming your way in a time of need.

Thank you all for being you.  I have met some of the most wonderful, dear, loving and kindhearted people here in Scrapland.  My extended family.  My home away from home.

To those here in the USA, enjoy the three-day weekend in celebration of President's Day.  Have fun!  Be safe.  XO

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