my heart's dream ... february 2011 blog train has arrived!

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All aboard everyone!  LOL!  Well, okay, you just know that I am the caboose this trip and most likely the last one to post - for that I do apologize!  I just cannot wait to be able to tell y'all what has been going on here on the home front the past two days!  *biting tongue ... hard*

You should be coming in from:  Torta Gialla - Linda Tieu's Blog

You are now at Bon Scrapatit Designs 

In the event you've come in from somewhere else, that you get lost or wish to see the entire list of participating designers, visit The Blog Train Blog 

Your next stop on this train filled with delicious goodness is: Pixie Perfect Designs

*Holly, as of my posting has not yet posted, so I am also including the next stop, which I will remove upon finding her contribution posted*

Next stop is: Jen Reed Designs

Here is a lovely slide show with previews from 101 contributing designers this month! 

My preview and download link located directly beneath it:

Please make sure to leave some love to those you download from - it warms the heart and sparks more creativity! *smile*

If you've not already seen it, scroll down one post for my free scrapkit, *Warm Winter Wishes* and a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the digital scrapbooking store of your choice!

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