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>> Tuesday, March 8, 2011

 My eldest daughter and firstborn, April with her husband of one year, Ethan.
Engagement photo courtesy of Rebecca McLachlan Photography, Vancouver, Washington
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Happy Everyday y'all!

Sorry to be missing so long, but I did mention things would be slow-going as I am backing up our three (two are over five years of age ... chugga, chugga!) computers plus EHDs to a new online backup service, Livedrive.  So far, I am pleasantly pleased, but will save the rave review until after I have performed a restore so that I can give you my honest feedback in what matters most!

Robert and I were out-of-town visiting his oldest three sons, our five grandsons and granddaughter while son #2 and his family were out visiting from Tennessee weekend before last.  We had a fabulous time!  We stayed over night Friday and Saturday and returned home very late Sunday night.  I will post a few photos as soon as I get them off the camera.  There was a big family gathering Saturday and three of my sons and grandson were able to attend, so it was a joyful re-union all-the-way-around! 

Robert's dad was in the hospital with what they thought to be pneumonia, so we went to visit him before returning to the kid's to say our farewells. Poppa is home now and being looked after by a few of Robert's sisters.  He is in very good hands as he continues to get better.

Monday, the 29th, found Robert and I recuperating from all of the festivities while we were away and working, or should I say resting, hard to ward off all of the sickness that surrounded us during our time away! 

While Robert was out taking John to work, the phone rang and woke me up.  I was too tired to answer so I laid awake for a few moments to listen to the message my mother was leaving before falling back to sleep.  She said she would call me later in the day.  In my heart, I knew why she was calling.

My sister-in-law, Connie had passed away the night before.  Sunday, February 28th, right around the time we were preparing to return home.  She had been staying at her mother's home since leaving the hospital (my last post) with around-the-clock care so my brother was able to return to work.

I wish to thank you all again for your love, thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.  While I know my beloved sister-in-law is now free of pain and a terrible disease, my brother is just beginning to grieve as Connie's services were held yesterday.  I continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers and will share with him all the love and support from y'all when I call to speak with him.   I am waiting for things to slow down a bit for him and he has had a chance to catch his breath.  My mom is with him currently as well.  I was so happy that she was able to travel to be with Todd and his family!

Though I do not fear death, with each loss that is within my family circle, I am reminded once again how fragile and precious life is.  I continue to learn to live my life "in the moment" and to document as many of the those moments as I am able to for my children, grandchildren and future generations.  I'd better step it up a bit!

I will be back later on this week, hopefully with another goody to share.  My daughter, April and I have been working at putting a couple of photo books together with photos from her engagement, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception in just about record time I do believe!  April and Ethan celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month!

I will share our experience using Bookify Online via Blurb and I will most likely post one of the books here on my blog for you to peek at as well.  Nothing fancy.  I had purchased a couple of Groupons a few months ago and April and I have simply had a hard time coordinating some time together.  She works full-time and in her own words, "I'm a busy girl Mom"!  He, he ... that she is!

To help celebrate the incredible LOVE that Todd and Connie have had for each other the past 13 years plus, I'd like to share a small gift with you created with my *Love Lifted Me* scrapkit.

Have a glorious week everyone!  Tell someone you love them (there is a song there, can you guess or remember who wrote and performed  it?) ... I love y'all!  XO

Okay, I'll give you a hint ... late 60's ... heart-throbs to many teenage girls!  Uhm, and yes, I was one of them!  LOL! *wink*

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