today's scheduled blog post delayed due to severe weather warnings!

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

 The towns listed are just down the hill from us.  Sunny what?  LOL!

Happy Monday everyone!

I have logged on quickly to let you know that, weather willing, I shall be postponing today's blog post until tomorrow due to severe weather here in Northern California.  LOL!  Can you believe we have had tornado warnings for a good three years in a row now?  Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in Kansas and that our home here in California  has been swept up and carried away to the mid west! 

Our creeks are quickly becoming rivers and the waterfalls flowing down the mountain sides are an amazing sight!

Anyhoo, if the weather forecasters are even close to being accurate, all of this thunder, lightning and such should have passed us by tomorrow.  I just don't wish to take chances on being zapped with our computers on.  While we do have everything on surge protectors, I've still not afforded myself the luxury of a battery backup and that truly should be next on my list, eh?  *smile*

To any of you currently affected by severe weather, be safe!

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