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>> Wednesday, March 23, 2011

 Robert and his sister, Corinne, enjoying the surf at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California.  
I was using my little Canon Point 'n Shoot on manual and even though the photos were fairly grainy, 
I captured a few interesting pieces of scenery!  This shot is cropped from it's original showing the 
sunset over the Pacific Ocean, however, I really wanted to focus on the reflection of the sunset on
the sand between Robert and Corinne.  Pretty cool glow going on there, don't you think? :)

Free frame cluster for your memories was created using *Showers of Flowers* by Bon Scrapatit Designs

Well, the weather forecasters were indeed correct in that the severe storm did pass us by yesterday and we actually enjoyed a sunny, cool day for the most part!  However, the weather forecasters did not, unfortunately, predict the storm of distraction that would be taking place in my house yesterday!  ROFL!

Just one of those days where everybody wishes a piece of your time for one thing or the other and, of course, I'm still not very good at saying, "no, not now" or "can you call me back on this tomorrow"!  LOL!  

Sunday through Tuesday afternoon is also the time that Robert's sister, Corinne is here so I usually find myself lost in conversation with the two of them until she is on her way back down the hill!  Time well-spent I might add.  It is a good and healthy distraction for all of us!

Okay, on to my official announcement!  Most of you following along with me for the past four plus years know that I've not sold my designs for nearly two years now.  I am so very excited to have been asked to design for MyMemories.com and to be in the company of some of the best digital designers in the industry, all at an award-winning site!

MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking has been creating digital scrapbooking products for over five (5) years, including the award-winning, MyMemories Suite software (#1 scrapbooking software on TopTenReviews.com and Amazon.com).  MyMemories also provides digital scrapbooking kits from some of the finest and most creative designers and I am most honored to be counted among them!

I am in the process of continuing to update (this includes new and improved recipes) and repackage some of the scrapkits that I've posted here on my blog previously so that I actually have some product in my store, however, just as soon as I've completed the updates and repackaging, I shall be working on new designs and I am very excited about that!  And, of course, I shall continue to bring y'all goodies for the downloading, as it truly is my passion to help memory preservationists across the globe to keep filling those scrapbook albums! *big smile*

For those of you who have collected most, or all, of the kits that I will be adding to my store at MyMemories.com, I would be thrilled if you would take a few minutes to click on those you have enjoyed using and give it a star rating, "Like" it on Facebook, "Tweet" it or share it in any other way you wish to and this can all be done right from the page you find the scrapkit on at MyMemories.com!  

I shall be most grateful for your continued support by sharing those you think worthy of sharing and I don't believe that you have to be registered or logged in to do so. Thank you, thank you!

For those of you who are new to Bon Scrapatit Designs, I will share a few images from one of the two scrapkits I have already had uploaded to my new store.  *Shower of Flowers* is currently on sale at 30% off and I believe that will end tomorrow or Friday.  If you are ready for some hot, spring scrapping, grab it while it's on sale!

*Showers of Flowers* is filled with warm, spring colors (great for summer too!), flowers of a different variety and, naturally, you will find lots of glitter and jewels as well as a complete glittery *Floral Acrylic Alpha*! *smile*

Full Scrapkit includes a complete Floral Alpha!

Detail Image at 100%

Detail Image at 100%

Sample of Textured Background Papers

*Floral Acrylic Alpha* included in scrapkit contains Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and some Symbols

I look forward to you shopping with me at MyMemories.com and now that little something for y'all to preserve your memories with!  Here is a coordinating frame cluster that will hold four of your precious photos or, as I have shown, one lovely panoramic view!

I'm off to reply to your comments from my last post and then to batten down the hatches ... he, he ... make that closely supervise the sights and sounds outside as we experience yet another severe storm.  This one is bringing flood warnings to many areas, high winds and possibly more thunder and lightning for the next few days.  I'm on as long as there is none of the latter!  *wink*

I have more exciting news to share soon, so stay-tuned!  The beginning of April approaches us quickly and that means (no fooling!) another blog train from The Blog Train Blog prepares to make it's way through Scrapland on April 1st!  Hint: No Pirates Allowed! ARGH! This train always carries goodies from approximately 100 talented designers!  *grin* It's a wonderful way to plump up your digiscrapping stash (make sure you give your hard drives a heads up - LOL!) and sample designs from new designers or those you are not yet familiar with.

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