"monkeying around" ... june blog train goodies are up! yay!

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy 1st day of June y'all!

I am so, so sorry for being so late in getting my goodies posted for the June Blog Train, *Monkeying Around*!  I have been up for two days straight (no sleep, not even a cat nap), trying to get everything ready to upload.  ROFL!  Please don't ask (I'm sure you won't!), but it's just been one little thing after another.  My computer is being backed up and I had maxed out my RAM so it was painstakingly slow in getting all the files finalized, together, TOU prepped, etc.

I was supposed to remove *The Wild Ones* yesterday, however, due to my tardiness, I am going to leave it up until tomorrow (preview and link can be found on my sidebar to your right) in the event there is anyone who still wishes to download it.  Those of you who have already downloaded and left me feedback, a thank you or some love, thank you so much!  Appreciated more than you can know ... or, perhaps, you do know!

Before I post the pertinent info for the blog train, I just have to tell you before I forget!  Today is my fourth anniversary as a digital scrapbooking designer!  Woot, woot ... yeah!  It is difficult to believe that I have been blogging  and giving away goodies for almost four years!  My blogoversary is near the end of August and I hope to hoop it up real good with y'all this year!

Okies, without further ado my wonderful and patient friends, here's the official blog train scoop!

You should be arriving here from:

Angel Hartline Designs (unless you've popped back over to see if I've posted yet! *smile*)

In checking Angel's link, she still has not posted so make sure to head back over in a day or two.

You are now at Bon Scrapatit Designs and your next stop on this fun and exciting train ride is:

Chocolate Geranium Digital Designs (this still sounds delicious as I'm a bit behind on eating as well!)

Linnie has posted!

Please take a moment to say, "thank you" to all of the amazing designers who have contributed to this month's blog train.  Everyone works hard to make this happen, especially our fabulous conductor, Trish Heffner.  You can give her a heartfelt thank you right here on the Blog Train Blog, which is also where you will find all 90+ links of the contributing designers starting with hers!

Once again, I thank you for your patience is awaiting my post.  Y'all rock ... and then some!

Here is my preview: (I didn't have a chance to add my customary grunge splats/splatters.  I will be posting a little add-on to this in the next day or two.  I also have some more word art to go along with it too!  Believe this or not, I am not really a theme designer and I continue these trains because the color palettes and themes keep me challenged!  For that I thank Trish immensely as she continues to dedicate herself to keeping this train on the track, even though a few of us have attempted to derail it from time-to-time.  Sorry Trish, if you happen by, I promise I was not *Monkeying Around*, but I'll be a monkey's uncle (like that could really every happen, eh?  he, he ...) if technology did not start monkeying around with me a few days ago, causing some unexpected monkey business to happen this side of the screen!  I honestly cannot say that it was more fun than a barrel of monkeys having a monkey wrench thrown into the mix and then having a monkey on my back when trying to follow a schedule and catch a train on time!  LOL!  Gee, you don't suppose I've actually learned a thing or two in the process of preparing for this train, do you?  *grin*

Enough of my rambling.  Y'all could probably give a monkey's! *wink*

MWAH!  Have fun ...

Uploading my freebies to Sky Drive is giving you a direct download and no more frustration in waiting for 4-shared.  In doing so, I no longer have any way to track how many downloads I receive, which helps me to know what you like and what you don't!  I simply ask that you leave a quick thank you either in the comments section here on my blog (not the one on Sky Drive!) or in the chat box as a form of feedback.  

Thank you and Bon Scrapatit!

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