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>> Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our grandson, Jace and Robert doing a little monkeying around of their own!
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I lost my back up computer after having shut down for the thunder and lightning storm!  LOL!  No, I don't believe it had a thing to do with the storm, it was simply it's time to go!

I had relied on my older computer to keep me connected to the Internet.  I could keep my HootSuite open and lean over to check on things when I was waiting for files to be saved and such on my work computer!  You know, you get used to a certain little routine going on and when something disrupts it, you must find a workaround, right?  Well, I literally found that workaround - I now turn myself around, wheel my chair a few feet and use Robert's computer when the need be!  LOL!  So glad he's a good share bear! *wink*

I did not have much time to mourn the loss of my computer due to a wonderfully anticipated sleepover with our grandson on his mommy's birthday last week!  Upon his arrival Tuesday morning, Jace (3years, 2 months) handed me a small box with a pretty pink top.  I opened it to find a very sweet and special Grandma (you're the best) necklace and matching earrings for my birthday this past Saturday!  *heart flutters*

Yes, the images above are from a sequence of photos I took while Jace and Robert were enjoying some play time together!  LOL!  The two had a day of it for sure.  They golfed, filled in gopher holes, watched educational videos, Spiderman, The Land Before Time, chatted outside with Uncle Matt while he was standing on the top of a mountain he climbed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska and had a rather lengthy pillow fight!  Can we say F-U-N! 

Naturally, Grandma balanced out the equation with food, drink, trips to the bathroom, digging through Grandma's toy baskets, story time, lots of hugs and kisses and, of course, a photo shoot or two!  I think I tired more from following Jace and Papa Robert around with the camera!  He, he ...

While we all did quite a bit of literal *Monkeying Around*, it unfortunately kept me off the computer and unable to finish up my extra goodies for y'all.  I'm just about finished and wanted to head in and let you know that I'm still alive and the goods shall be delivered soon!  *smile*

Hope to find y'all scrapping to your heart's content!

See you soon.

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