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>> Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi y'all!

So, did you spend the weekend *Monkeying Around*?  LOL!  I wish I could say I did, but with a lovely storm brewing that produced some magnificent thunder and lightning, I shut down our computers for a good 24 hours plus!  LOL!  Uhm, yes, it is June!  *grin*

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments.  I shall be catching up (once again!) with those tonight I hope as well as finishing up a little goody for y'all too!

I've dashed in to announce to you a most amazing deal on some incredible Photoshop and Illustrator classes being given by the infamous Andrea Gold over at Go Digital Scrapbooking!

For those who are newer to Scrapland and digital scrapbooking, Andrea, in my recollection, is the first digital designer to start giving out free templates via her blog several years ago.  I believe this was before she actually started designing kits and such too, but don't hold me to it!  Anyhoo, Andrea's store at GDS now boasts of some 1,000 templates!  Yah!  Amazing, eh?  My head was swimming when perusing her store the other night as I'd not been to visit in some time.

I've always wished to take some of Andrea's Photoshop/Illustrator classes, but just haven't been able to afford to do so ... until now!  Well, I really, really cannot afford to but, with the deal Andrea is offering through tomorrow (meant to post on weekend but had to shut down), June 8th, I simply cannot afford not to!

Happy Birthday to me!  With my designer anniversary on the first of June and my birthday coming up this weekend, I decided to gift myself (Robert is helping out too!) with the purchase of (5) five classes at half price!  Classes are normally $30 and are now only $15 through tomorrow.  Good deal, eh?  I'm not finished yet!  Through tomorrow, June 8th, for every class you purchase, Andrea will send a coupon for a free class!  Yes, you read that correctly ... a free class!  So, classes are currently selling at half price - $15, with a coupon sent for a free class which makes the class only $7.50!  You simply cannot beat that price anywhere that I know of and I've scoured around for a long time.

Check out Andrea's Photoshop classes here and make sure to read down where she lists all that she covers in each class.  All you need to do is look through Andrea's store and you can see her mad PS skills at work!  She's got the Photoshoppin' down to an art! *smile*  Well, not to mention Illustrator too!  Check out the Illustrator classes here.

Even though I've been designing for four years now, I am self-taught and I am very sure that I do many things the hard and/or long way, so I'm starting with the Beginner's class so that I do not miss out on anything!  Y'all know me, I love to be as thorough as possible! LOL!

You will not only be learning Photoshop skills, but Andrea teaches a lot of designing techniques as well!  So, what are y'all waiting for?  I'd love to see you in the forum with me next month as I begin from the beginning!  *Squee*

Note:  There are also Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro classes available at half price, however, they are taught by other instructors and do not include the same buy one, get one free offer as Andrea's.  See Andrea's blog for detailed information on receiving your free classes.  You will also find via both Andrea's blog and store that she is having a drawing to win her entire store plus two other prizes.  Each $5 in purchases gives you one entry.  Unlimited entries. Entries are from any purchase made in Andrea's store from June 1st - June 30th.  Just remember that the deal for BOGO Photoshop/Illustrator classes by Andrea Gold ends tomorrow, June 8th!

Scrap happy and I'll see you soon!

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