>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hi everyone! Hope my to find all those celebrating the 4th of July yesterday to have had a GRAND time of it wherever or whatever you were doing! As always, I am MOST thankful to those who have sacrificed so that we may continue to live in a country that let's FREEDOM ring!

I have to tell you that I've lost my mind and have sat at this computer for days in a row without the ability to focus and my brain just simply locks up, so I just wished to let you know that I still have a kit coming to you for Kim's June Colour Challenge.

To give you an idea of just how long my brain has been held hostage during my cleansing which, by the way, means that the product I am using IS doing it's job quite nicely, I have had the papers finished for nearly a week and my brain froze up come embellishment time! AND, I've not even had a clue as to a name for this kit!!! That's a FIRST in my two years of designing! ROFL! EEEEEKS! Help, I've fallen and I WILL get up! I think one just popped in my head!!! OMGosh, how cool is that! See, I just needed to come talk with y'all! I've been missing you something fierce obviously! LOL!

Take care, have a FANTASTIC summer week ahead and I shall upload just as soon as I am finished, hopefully before Monday disappears! HA, HA! He, he ... WOO HOO!

Much love,

Linda :-D

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