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It's LATER and I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I TOTALLY forgot it was my babies' birthday yesterday after leaving that last post, so I apologize for the LONG span of time between then and NOW!

Firstly, thank you SOOOOO much for the LOVELY thank you's and comments. My low-energy levels are SUPER charged when I read your kind words! MWAH!

SHARON and BETH - thank you, thank you and I shall be off to view your masterpieces this weekend! I've just bumped y'all up to the top of my LONG to-do list!!! I am SO thrilled whenever I get the opportunity to see how one of y'all has used my goodies to preserve a PRECIOUS moment in your lifetime! That, indeed, is the ULTIMATE reward in designing! XOXO

Well, can you believe it was TWO decades ago that I gave birth to DOUBLE-BLESSINGS after thinking we were finished growing our family! HA! As my oldest daughter declared after we got up the nerve to share the news of being pregnant again, "Mom, you and dad can make all the plans you want, but God has the final say so!" ROFL! Talk about some incredible wisdom at the wise-old age of 10!!! She is just as sharp and savvy today as she was 20 years ago! Love you sweetheart!

While I realize that "we" do the training up of our children, I also believe that we learn just as much from them as they do from us! As I recently mentioned in a bio I wrote, I have had LOTS and LOTS of patience worked out in me! Our children remind us of the MOST important things in life, as well as just HOW easy it is to get up once we've fallen! Let me tell you, I've had to pick myself up and carry on MANY a time over the years. After all, if my children can do it, then why not I? LOL!

Our children are also great teachers of "unconditional love"! No matter how many times we've scolded them, taken away their privileges, not allowed them to do something that they REALLY, REALLY wished to do, or how we may have unintentionally embarrassed them in front of their friends (and so on and so forth), they STILL love us! YUP, our children, in their innocence, are AMAZING teachers of how we, as adults, should handle our relationships, don't you think? Okay, minus the kicking, biting, scratching and hair-pulling! ROFL! Children easily forgive even after the aforementioned!

Enough of my rambling, I would like to share a couple of photos that I quickly dug out, while teary-eyed in the memories of the birth of Luke Odell and John Craig. Y'all have seen a more recent photo of them in some of the wedding photos from my daughter, Joan's wedding, so I am just posting a couple of baby pics!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SONS! I am SO proud to be called, Mother, Mom and even on occasion, MOM! LOL! May the year ahead help you to find MUCH love, joy, peace and happiness! I LOVE YOU!

Luke and John were born July 16, 1989 at 4:54 am and 5:03 am, respectively.
The birth certificate has them documented at four minutes apart, however,
we have proof to the contrary on video and in photos! LOL! Can you believe
all of the BLUE in this photo? It's like blue to the sixth power! ROFL!
When I have time I will probably turn the background black and white.

Luke and John were brought into the world by George C. Scott, M.D.! I always
got a kick out of his name and can't remember now if I asked him whether or not he
was named after the actor! But anyhoo, he was AWESOME and took VERY good
care of me during pregnancy and gave me exactly what I wanted - a natural birth
in a birthing room with my four other children present along with a few GOOD friends
who video taped and took photos for us. The boys were, thankfully, both in the
head-down position for the entire last trimester, which made for a VERY easy delivery!

This has always been amongst my VERY favorite baby photos of my twin boys.
They are seven months old here and were such a happy duo! Luke is the redhead
and John, the brunette! My babies are ALL grown up now!

One more AWESOME share with you before I leave you with YOUR gift from me. Do y'all have photos of your babies with those ADORABLE "toof"-less grins after beginning to lose their baby teeth? Well, then you will NOT wish to miss this INCREDIBLE brand new collab in the DSO store today by Kim B Designs and her equally as talented sister, Gaye of GS Creations! I am hooking you up with Kim's blog so y'all can read ALL about it and be treated to some INCREDIBLE eye candy! Put on your seat belts ...


Here is a little sneaky-peeky! This kit is HUGE! Make sure to peek at ALL of it on Kim's blog if you've not already done so. There are BEAUTIFUL papers, hand-drawn elements, word art, scenes and EVEN tooth charts! I know of NO other TOOF kit this extensive! Check it out and let me now what y'all think! AWESOME, eh? Uh, huh!!! Now fasten your belts and take a peek and then come back on over for your GIFT from me ...

And here you have it! I hope y'all like this one. I spent hours trying to perfect the shadowing on the acrylic so it looks as realistic as I know how to get it at this time! Sort of like the acrylic frames I gave out a while back, so that you don't have to worry about trying to shadow them without darkening the acrylic too. Let me know what you think and if y'all are liking it, I just might have a matching frame or two for you over the weekend!!!

Thanks again for ALL of your support! Y'all ROCK!

Have a GOOD one y'all and keep on scrapping!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

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