>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi everybody!!!

I am SQUIGGLY and GIGGLY today as I have some VERY exciting news to share with y'all soon, but not quite yet, so forgive my "in-and-out" appearances as I've got lots to do in preparation for my "soon-to-be" announcement(s)! He, he ...

Firstly, before going one sentence further, I wish to THANK YOU from the DEPTHS of my being for your INCREDIBLY positive response to *Showers Of Flowers*! My heart has been melted! MWAH!

At this moment, I must give a public notice of gratitude to Kim Broedelet at DSO for her OUTSTANDING color swatch choices each month for her Colour Challenge (yes, I have spelled color two ways as I always acknowledge my friends across the pond for their learning of the Queen's English. I hope I stated that correctly ladies!) Anyhoo, since Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Designs twisted my arm to get me over to DSO and participating in Kim's monthly challenge, I have SO enjoyed the "stretch" each new color swatch causes me! You know, for me, it is ENTIRELY different for me to create with a color swatch that I've chosen personally (usually with something already in mind) as opposed to being presented with another person's selection, which normally leaves me pondering for just a bit! Way to go Kim love, you are keeping THIS girl on her designer toes! ROFL! *big grin*

I have divided the embellishments for *Showers Of Flowers* into two days worth of downloading so as to accommodate everyone, but before I leave you with the first set, I would like to share a few goodies with you from two of my designer colleagues!

Sarah of Designs By Sassy has another GENEROUS grab bag for sale in her store this month over at Inspiration Lane. Sass ALWAYS packs her bags for unknown destinations! YUP, she NEVER knows where her bags will end up, except for my hard drive as I ask her to share the link to her store as soon as she gets it uploaded! WHY? Because she creates REALLY neato CU stuff (the real flower in *Showers Of Flowers* is one of Sassy's which was photographed by her as well!) and she only charges $3.00 for the ENTIRE collection. Click HERE to see a FULL reveal on her blog and if you decide to purchase, which I hope you will, have LOTS of fun getting creative!

OMGosh!!! I've just seen a new post on Sassy's blog whilst grabbing her direct link and just HAVE to share this goody with you as well! Click the image below to be transported to Sassy's blog to download her Kim B Cluster made from Kim's Mish Mash 4 - Golds! Simply LOVELY Ms. Sarah, thank you!

Ms. Dawn aka Snowsmooon's Design has been uploading her *Boys 2 Men* scrapkit and it is CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! So, if you've not been over to collect it all yet, please hop on over and grab it now while it's HOT as it will disappear this weekend! Girlfriend, you ROCKED this kit BIG time - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and I thank you SO much! MWAH!

Click image below to be transported to Dawn's blog and make sure to go back to the past two posts as well to collect everything - papers, embellies and AND an alpha!

I shall see y'all back tomorrow for the final download of embellishments. Wishing you ALL a MOST lovely morning, afternoon or evening!

Love and hugs,
Linda :-D

Sorry, this link is no longer available!

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