>> Sunday, July 19, 2009

ROFL! Does that give you an idea of the silly mood I am in this afternoon? ROFL!

Robert and I stayed up until 5:00 am this morning listening to 50's and 60's music on XM radio, our satellite music station! It has been blistering HOT here the past week and sometimes the heat gets to you and you relish the EARLY morning hours of the day when you can go about your housework and such without breaking out into a sweat! LOL! Shoot, I even got up out of my computer chair and danced around a bit! That counts for aerobics, right??? Uh, huh, you bet it does!!!

Robert just checked our thermometer on the deck a bit ago and it read 103 degrees at 11:30 am this morning! SO much for the meteorologists reporting the beginning of a cool down to the 90's today! ROFL! It is actually HOTTER today than the past few days! If our deck thermometer reads 103 degrees, that means it is usually anywhere from 5-8 degrees hotter in the sun! OOOOPS, we just checked again and it is DOWN to 101 degrees on the deck!!! WOO HOO! *hint of sarcasm* We have developed overcast which appears to be responsible for the WEE bit of cooling! HA, HA!

The ONLY draw back to using a swamp cooler versus air conditioning, which here would be VERY expensive, is that once it heats up above the mid-nineties, it is NO longer pumping out enough cool air to give one the refreshed feeling that an air conditioner would! We also use a Hampton Bay high velocity floor fan which helps tremendously, especially when pointed in YOUR direction! LOL! Yah, and you can guess where that might be at the moment!!! *grin*

Oh, a quick update on my "gluten intolerance"! I think that is my major trouble at the moment as I've now gone gluten-free for the past five days or so and I am feeling a HUGE relief in the reduction of bloating that had been going clear up to my breast bone. I've had a pretty good increase in my energy levels as a result, which may just account for the outbreak of dancing the wee hours of this morning! He, he ... I am also doing a series of cleanses. I shall keep y'all "abreast" of my progress! ROFL!

Okay, on to the GOOD stuff! He, he ...

I'm leaving you with a set of three multi-glittered floral acrylic frames. Two are embellished and include shadowed and non-shadowed versions as well as one "plain" frame for you to use by itself or to embellish to YOUR liking! *wink*

Hope this finds y'all relaxing and enjoying the last day of this BEAUTIFUL weekend and ready to take on what the week ahead holds for you - may it be AWESOME!

I am off to eat a healthy salad with my own homemade "creamy avocado" dressing! I am a HUGE plain, non-fat yogurt consumer as well as a lover of avocados, which are EXTREMELY good for us. Well, you can figure out the rest!!! Added some of my Balsamic Breeze Salad Spritzer, a squeeze of lemon and some Herb 'n Garlic seasoning and MMMMMMM ... Bon appetit! *big smile*

Much love,
Linda :-D

P.S. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed with ALL of the love for the glittered alpha! THANK YOU!

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