>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

Okay, so I have had entirely TOO much FUN working with *INTERLUDES*!!! Actually, today is the first time that I have an opportunity to work with it on a personal level! I usually make a "scrapatit" or two to get a feel for how things are working. I take my time and will change things around endlessly at times, but I work my canvas until I feel a sense of calm and am comfortable with the way things are looking! SPEED-SCRAP??? Not THIS girl!!! And if I did, I guarantee you I'd pull that thing apart and fix it! ROFL! Isn't it AMAZING how well we get to know ourselves? I SO admire those of you that can put a layout together in your head and then PRESTO, "speed scrap"!!! LOL!

I had started to scrap with one of my wedding photos from back in the 70's before thinking of my daughter Joan's wedding photo of her and her hubby kissing like the days of "Gone With The Wind"!!! BINGO and VOILA - I LOVE it!!! OOOOH Rhett! *sigh* I hope that you will find that PERFECT photo to use with this, my first scrapatit using my collaboration with Snowsmoon's Design, *INTERLUDES*!!! And that is not the ONLY addition to this classic creation, Dawn has for us all some AWESOME alphas and tomorrow she will have even MORE goodies!!! WOO HOO! Thank you girlfriend! This has just been WAY too much FUN!!!

Sorry to be SO short tonight, however, we did not go to Dillon's birthday party today but will be leaving early in the morning for some special family time with he, his brother and his parents, which just happens to be his actual birthday and we shall CELEBRATE with him then! I, of course, shall be taking LOTS of photos!!!

BETH W - you are EXACTLY right as to why we missed last year!!! In my need for reading glasses to read the fine print, I had looked at the invitation without them and read the "11" as a 1!!! The second "1" just simply melded right into the other! BETH, please e-mail me at bonscrapatitdesigns (at) gmail (dot com) for your EXTRA goody!!! Now THAT is a FABULOUS memory darlin' and CONGRATS!!! Let's here it for Beth!!! WOO HOO!!!

KAREN H - Awwww girlfriend, you remembered too!!! Shoot me an e-mail and I shall send you a goody too! MWAH!

Thank you to ALL of you that left SWEET birthday wishes for Dillon! I shall pass them all on to him tomorrow! XOXO

Hope y'all are having a SCRAP-HAPPY weekend and I'll, hopefully, see you back here in SCRAPLAND tomorrow night or Monday! And the EXCITING news that I just HAVE to share with y'all is that my oldest daughter, April, called me earlier in the evening to share the news of her being proposed to today!!! WOO HOO! Y'all will just have to believe me when I say that I could not be happier for my baby girl as she and Ethan are a FABULOUS team! And yes, I cried!!! OMGosh .... ANOTHER wedding! I'll let y'all know just as soon as they announce a date! He, he ...

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

While you are there, read all about Dawn's latest adventures with her DARLING grandsons! She has had some WONDERFUL one-on-one time with each of them!

I used one the of the patterned circles from the "date wheel" beneath the photo!

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