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Hi y'all!!! NO, I am not quite finished with *Love Is*. In fact, I am making final "arrangements" for the finale as I type! Well, okay, NOT right while I am typing, but before I started! LOL!

How is EVERYONE tonight??? I hope you ALL have had a NICE, PLEASANT weekend with your families or if you are by yourself, that it was SPECIAL time for you to accomplish something you've set out to OR just laxin' and gettin' ready for the NEW week ahead! WOO HOO!

Well, you are NOT going to believe this BUT, I've finally managed to get another kit in the store over at DIGITAL CANDY and have been RAK'd out the blue by a MOST wonderful, talented and GENEROUS lady, Ms. Sarah Cabana!!! Yes, Sarah has put the FIRE under my backside to get the news out about *SHIMMERIN' SHAMROCKS*!!! Thank you sweetie! And if y'all wish to be INSPIRED, please visit Sarah's blog HERE! I have already left her several comments and forewarned her that her layouts are TOTALLY inspirational to me and that I shall be doing some scraplifting in the near future! Prepare to be AMAZED! She even SPEED SCRAPS!!! EEEKS - I nut up inside just thinking about trying one of those!!! ROFL! Although, I do plan on giving it a go when I have some free time! While you are there checking out her AWESOME layouts, please thank her for helping me out and gifting us with such a LOVLEY scrapatit! MWAH!

I am trying SO hard to get back on track and acts of kindness such as your GOODY tonight from Sarah SURELY help a girl in distress!!! He, he ... Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW, I need a CT!!! That is forthcoming and y'all will be the first to hear about it! *wink*

Some of you MIGHT remember this from long ago, but I have revamped it, weeded out and added a few new things to bring it a little more up to date. This is one of my PERSONAL faves and not just because I have some Irish blood in me, but I LOVE the color palette and the earthiness it possesses, which makes it PERFECT for MANY of your outdoor photos as well as St. Patrick's Day, Celtic Fairs/Irish Days, a WONDROUS trip to Eire (Ireland) and even documenting your Irish heritage!

I am offering *SHIMMERIN' SHAMROCKS* at half-price for the first week of it's debut!!! From today through Sunday, March 8th, you can pick this this collection of SHIMMERIN' jewels and SPARKLIN' glitters for ONLY $2.25!!! Check it out HERE and click on the link right below the image for extra previews that are MAGNIFIED to 100% to showcase the RICH detail!

I do not know how many of you are aware of this or not, but resolution is VERY important when shopping for your scrapkits or even when you pick up freebies. Why? Because if the DPI is not at 300, when you print your pages out, which are at 100%, you will find blurriness and distortion. As designers, we typically pick up some commerical-use items to enhance out kits and let me tell you, there is A LOT of stuff out there that is NOT up to industry standards. So, buyer beware!!! LOL! Okay, MOST of you know this and I am just trying to reach those who are NEW to digital scrapbooking and that are out collecting lots of goodies that may eventually end up in your recycle bin. I am eventually going to revamp my lists on my sidebar and will post some of my FAVES and those that I, personally, have come to trust for A-1 product! The VERY first one I can toss out and MOST of you already know this INFAMOUS designer and blogger extraordinaire - Ms. Kim Broedelet who is an EXCLUSIVE designer at Digital Scrapbook Obssession. I do NOT miss a CU grab bag from Kim! Her goodies are IMPECCABLE and PRECISE!

Now, for some AWESOME quality designers, come check us out at DIGITAL CANDY!!! DC practices "quality control" with their designers, which is a VERY important part of maintaining a site with TOP-NOTCH product. I've been on the other end and that is HOW I learned and HOW I became interested in designing. I won't bore you with any more of that right now - ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!!!

Have a MOST incredibly FANTASTIC week y'all and PLEASE share your creations with ALL of us using my designs right here in my guestbook and over in MY GALLERY (using my product) at DIGITAL CANDY!!! I LOVE IT and it is VERY inspiring to others who are need of a jump-start to their MOJO or to those that are BRAND new to the craft!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You will find LOTS of INSPIRATION in the DC GALLERY y'all!!! WOO HOO!

We are ALL imperfect and from time-to-time you will find mistakes and I have made my share and I am sure I will in the future, but you can ALWAYS contact me and I will correct and make good on what I've either sold OR given away!

I hope to bring y'all little tidbits of GOOD info regarding your digital scrapbooking investments to ensure that you are getting the MOST for your scrapbooking dollars! Until next time, keep on SCRAPPIN' on and STAY SWEET! He, he ... that's a given, eh? *smile*

Linda :)

P.S. Stay-tuned for final installment of *Love Is* and a SPECIAL treat to coordinate by the TALENTED Snowsmoon's Design!

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