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Hi y'all!!!

Firstly, please let me say that I am OVERWHELMED with the SWEET, KIND, GENTLE and LOVING comments left for me yesterday and today!!! Can I say WOW??? Y'all CONSTANTLY amaze me with your heartfelt shares of your own experiences and those close to you. I was just expressing to Robert HOW much I love to get feedback from y'all in times of my perplexity!!! SO many of you came to my aide when I was struggling with what seemed like ENDLESS computer woes and now I am getting some INCREDIBLE feedback on my recent health issue! THANK YOU! Y'all help keep my heart healthy ya know!

MICHELE - I shall definitely keep what you've shared in mind and I will tell you that it has already been in the back of mind for some time, especially after the recent incident with Robert's oldest son who was in REALLY bad shape by the time he made it to the hospital for gallbladder surgery after he had been HORRIBLY misdiagnosed with ulcers. His experience and what you have shared will DEFINITELY keep me on alert! *wink*

CARYN - the sprained sternum is QUITE interesting as that is where the pain was. I would touch my sternum and it felt bruised, although that disappeared as well! I did not do anything to my knowledge to sprain it, but then one never knows, eh? LOL! I'm glad YOU are okay as I can only imagine dealing with that AND the little one! BTW - YOU are just a BABY! Only a year older than my oldest daughter! He, he ... AND YES, I am a believer in ALL things for a purpose! Love back atcha girlie!

CAROLYN - ROTFLBO!!! You are TOO funny girl! LOL! Now you'll REALLY laugh when you find out that my computer is literally a HOP away from my bed!!! NO skip, NO jump, just a HOP, literally!!! ROFL!

PWD - you are for all practical purposes, RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! I do have a hiatal hernia and reflux (not in the way MOST people think of it) and I do believe my culprit was my overdosing on coffee this winter. I am not normally much of a coffee drinker, however, it is already prepared by my sweetie first thing in the morning and SO easy on COLD days that kept me in my room with the heater on. I have gone back to drinking herbal tea since my little adventure!

The doctor who gave me all of my results before leaving the hospital explained something to me that I'd not ever heard before. Caffeine and chocolate (no problem with that one as I RARELY ever eat any) relax the sphinter at the bottom of the esophagus allowing a lot more acid to come up and into the esophagus from the stomach. VERY interesting to know and now gives me a GOOD visual of what I shall cause for myself if I overindulge in either of them! NO MORE! I give, I give ... *smile*

I don't take any other meds other than my Armour Thyroid and a low-dose aspirin which has now been upped to a regular aspirin per day. I don't drink carbonated beverages either and haven't in nearly 20 years. On occasion and on a HOT day, I will take a sip or two from Robert's or one of my son's glasses every once-in-a-while which amounts to maybe two or three times a year! The only other thing that I enjoy is a glass or two of red wine in the evening and I have eliminated that as well for the same reason. Rather than aiding my digestion, it is having the opposite effect!!! It could ONLY happen to me! Just kidding, but I am learning what my body will handle and what it will not, which is, at the present time, leaving me with very few options! LOL! I now empathize with my mother who just a few years ago asked, "what CAN I eat"! As you can see, I have inherited the weakness in my digestive tract, but look forward to overcoming the troubles ASAP!

You just HAVE to be in the medical profession darlin'!

SARAH - He, he ... your visual makes mine look tame girlfriend!!! LOL! I shall never look at NOODLES the same EVER again!!! ROFL! I believe my colonoscopy will be where they sedate you to the point of not caring about much of anything!!! HELP! WOW! So young girlie to have had one, let alone two. Is there family history?

KAREN - You have known me for SOOO long now haven't you??? Thank you for the reminder girlfriend and may I say that your profile pic makes me smile BIG every time I see it because I KNOW your personality!!! You are such a HOOT girl!

Okay, back to the GOOD stuff!!! I know it is PAST St. Patrick's Day, however, I had a couple of VERY dear friends create some layouts for me using *Shimmerin' Shamrocks* and I've just got to share them!

Darlene, a good friend and CT, has created a two-page layout from a St. Patrick's Day parade in Los Angeles, California back in 2003 in which the actress, Rene Russo, was Grand Marshal and is shown sitting between Darlene and Darlene's husband, Mick! Rememeber the gentleman that made PINK look SO good with my *INTERLUDES* collab with Snowsmoon's Design??? Uh, huh! One and the same! What a LOVELY and FESTIVE set of layouts Darlene! TY!

Monna Lainson of Monna Lainson Designs and a VERY, VERY dear friend has not ONLY created a layout of her "Celtic Beauty" below, but has offered it on her blog as a "scrapatit" aka QP for y'all and I was not here to link to it and wish to do so now. Isn't her daughter GORGEOUS??? Oh my, you just HAVE to LOVE that red hair!!! Thank you sweetheart, you ROCK!


Please leave her some SCRAPLAND lovin' and tell her I said HELLO Monna Mia!


P.S. I shall be back soon with some NEW goodies for you!

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