>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, I am ONLY three hours past, "later tonight", eh? ROFL! Okay, okay, I'm BAD! Man, oh man, OH MAN, sometimes you just forget HOW much prep time goes into making previews, renaming files, making sure that you've credited EVERYONE, zipping files, checking and re-checking to make sure that you've included all items in the preview, uploading to file sharing site or FTP and then getting it all posted on your blog and everywhere else it needs to go!!! ROTFLMBO!!! Another WONDERFUL reason why it is SO important for us to make sure and thank those we download from, eh? I just happen to have this BUILT-IN "guilt" mechanism that will not allow me to leave a blog without my leaving a comment before or while downloading!!! *smile*

SO, without further ADO, I celebrate with you my return to SCRAPLAND and my VERY first creation for Kim B's MONTHLY color challenge, *SUNRISE, SUNSET*, Part One! I have divided the papers and embellishments up into two separate zips to keep them under 30 MB's each. I hope y'all enjoy it and you just KNOW that I would LOVE to see some layouts uploaded to the guestbook, right??? Uh, huh. You bet your SWEET BIPPY I would! Help me out here y'all, I am starving for some EYE CANDY!!! He, he ...

Today is my MOST favorite person on this earth's BIRTHDAY!!! Hmmmm .... and who might that be you ask? My DARLING, SWEET, LOVING and MOST incredibly WONDERFUL man, Robert!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!

Before I forget (and you KNOW I will!!!), *SUNRISE, SUNSET* will come to you in THREE parts on three different days and then followed by TWO coordinating alphas. I am hoping to have a download each day this week, however, I might skip Wednesday, depending on my madness over here (LOL!), to post my contribution to the DST April Blog Train!!! WOO HOO!!! YES, you read correctly! It is that time once again, SO prepare yourselves to be AMAZED as there are A LOT of AWESOME designers participating. I will leave the link on my sidebar and simply change the image so that you see the new goodies that I will have for y'all to download. I am SLOWLY catching up and hope to GET 'ER DONE by Tuesday!!!

Thank you ALL so VERY much for your continued support and encouragement!!! HAPPY MONDAY!!!

Much love,
Linda :)

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