>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

Thank you for bearing with me as I SLOWLY make my way back into the HUSTLE 'n BUSTLE here in SCRAPLAND!

I'm stopping in to share a few freebies that are up on my my VIRTUAL daughter, Sarah's blog and my BFF, Dawn's blog!!!

What am I doing today??? Well, after sitting here for three days TOTALLY uninspired and trying to get my brain fog to clear up after my hospital stay, by way of Dawn's suggestion a few days ago, I am, for the VERY first time, participating in the INFAMOUS and HIGHLY ACCLAIMED monthly COLOR CHALLENGE hosted by Kim herself over at DSO!!! One look at her chosen color palette for the month and I was INSPIRED!!! Oh Kim, if you ONLY knew just how QUICKLY my brain fog began to clear girlfriend!!! ROFL! Well, not entirely, but enough to set me on FIRE (the colors will do that to you!) and get me back into Photoshop and doing what I SO love to do - making GOODIES for y'all!!! *BIG SMILE*

One of the INCREDIBLE things about participating in this particular challenge is that I get to share my creations with y'all RIGHT HERE on my blog! SO, I shall be pointing you in the direction of Sarah and Dawn's blogs and then I should be back later tonight or tomorrow morning with my contribution in the form of a mini-kit to share with y'all. I will also share with you my next project - WOO HOO!!! The train is moving once again! LOL!

Sarah aka Designs by Sassy has been giving a new freebie out a couple of times a week as she is coming down the final stretch before her wedding on April 11th! Hop on over and check them out - they are CU-friendly and a FABULOUS addition to your already growing stashes! *wink* While you are there, leave her some loving for her efforts whilst not only preparing for her wedding, but also for caring for her SWEET Joshua who is in need of breathing treatments for 3 months. Little lamby, he is SO lovely!

Dawn has already posted the first part of her contribution to Kim B's COLOR CHALLENGE at DSO! Here is her preview with a link right beneath it to take you directly to her post! ENJOY and make sure to check out all of the OTHER goodies in the DSO forum and gallery! AWESOME job girlfriend - I am LOVING the birdie with the FLOURISHED tail feathers!!! TOO SWEET!

You REALLY know how to ROCK it Kim!!! MWAH!

See you all later ....

Linda :)

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