>> Monday, May 4, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

Everyone recuperated from (inter) National Scrapbooking Day??? WOO HOO! I was busy ALL day Saturday and finally started some shopping LATE Saturday night and into the EARLY hours of Sunday! I went out and about here-and-there throughout the day and found some GREAT deals on my FAVORITE expenditure - CU goodies!!! ROFL!

What did y'all find??? What are your FAVORITE scrapbooking items to shop for? Do you use everything you buy?

I will share my ALL-TIME favorite purchase as it came from one of my MOST favorite CU designers, the INFAMOUS Kim B. For NSD, Kim and Bunny teamed up to bring us a HUGE grab bag containing TEN awesome items and ALL for ONLY $10!!! YUP, it is still available, but only until Friday, after which time it is divided up and each item is sold individually! Y'all, this is ONLY $1 per CU item!!! For ANY of you just starting to tinker with designing and even you SEASONED designers that just might be reading, this is an INCREDIBLE deal. Hey, you don't even have to design, it is FABULOUS for scrapping as well!!! I will tell you that, personally, I buy each and EVERY one of Kim's grab bags and have NEVER been disappointed in a single one of them!!! I am sure I've told you this before and NO doubt I will again!!! He, he ...

If you've not yet seen Kim and Bunny's NSD Grab Bag, click here to check it out on KIM'S BLOG where you will also see examples of what is in it via Kim's ROCKIN' CT!!!

Thank you SOOOOO much for ALL the loving and I am just TICKLED Kim B's Colour Palette that you are LOVING the sunflowers as much I do!!! I would also like to thanks those of you who have shared your SUNFLOWER stories with me as well. How COOL y'all are!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all!!!

JUDY - LOL! WOW! I feel honored that you might just go from "weed" to "flower"!!! AWESOME!

CANDY - OMGosh! I can SO identify with your SUNFLOWER picture in the garage!!! Robert actually has some items that he could not part with and he took them to his office where they fit in PERFECTLY! My sunflower goodies are packed away in the garage, however, I tend to decorate by season and some of them fit in with my FALL decor, so during that time of the year, you WILL find some sunflowers scattered about my home!

BARB - Dearest one, I am just reading your e-mail as I am typing this post!!! Keep checking back because there is MORE to come! I will mail you back in just a bit!!! XOXO

This evening, I leave you with *Girasole*, Part Two! I had a REALLY good time creating the birdhouse and I am thinking that I will give y'all a plain one before I am finished so that you can decorate it to YOUR liking!

I shall see you tomorrow with *Girasole*, Part Three and until then, BON SCRAPATIT!!!

Much love,
Linda :)

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