>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well y'all, it is WAY past my bedtime and I just HAD to stop in to give you a SNEAK-PEEK of the kit I've just finished for Kim B's May Colour Challenge at DSO!!! After browsing the forum, I saw two submissions that were the same themes I had going around in my head, so with a multitude of distractions and a lack of MOJO, I just HAD to come up with another idea!

WOO HOO - I finally got started and we ended up with a pair of MOST welcomed yet unexpected house guests this morning! Of course, I had to play hostess and seeing as how the two are Robert's sisters, you JUST know that I had to spend a GOOD part of the day catching up with them and doing some reminiscing!

I'm headed to sleep for a few hours and then I will be back to post the first installment of *Love Lifted Me*!!! I had SOOOO much FUN creating this one and THANK YOU Kim for another ROCKIN' colour palette!!! Would you believe Kim already has the colour palette up for June??? I am snagging it RIGHT NOW as I am typing! ROFL! And who says that I cannot multi-task!!! HERE is the link if you wish to check it out. Come and join in the FUN and see what Kim has for us as a POSTING BONUS!!! It SHORE is PURDY!!! Thank you girlfriend, you are ROCKIN' IT, ROCKIN' IT MAMACITA!!! MWAH!

I haven't seen y'all in SEVERAL day so here's hoping that you are having a PLEASANT and RELAXING weekend!!!

Have a SUPER Sunday and I'll catch ya on the flip-side!

Linda :)

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