>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

Hope everyone is FULLY relaxed, back into the GROOVE and/or recuperated from the LONG weekend!

Here in Copperopolis, California, home of the BEAUTIFUL Lake Tulloch, Memorial Day weekend KICKS OFF the lake activity which continues FULL-SPEED ahead until Labor Day Weekend, which signifies the END of summer on the lake! You will hear the sound of locals cheering - FLATLANDERS, GO HOME! Well, I, being a transplant from the Bay Area TOTALLY understand the "flatlander's" need to "get-away" and ENJOY all that nature has to offer here in this LOVELY "everybody knows everybody" foothill community!

I've lived her now for 15 years and the boys and I spent a couple of years living on one of the coves of the lake (Bret Harte), so my morning power-walks were INDESCRIBABLY delicious and I was even known to tote my camera out with me on occasion to capture the STILL water at sunrise - SOOOOO smooth compared to the afternoon/evenings when the tranquil waters gave way to fishermen, swimmers, water-skiers and party boats until dark and beyond!!! LOL! I was actually VERY thankful for those days as the boys simply had to walk out the front door, down the stairs and around a LONG block to cool-off during the heat of the day!

We have been living away from the hubbub now for about seven years and I must admit, I THOROUGHLY enjoy the "peace and quiet" of living on acreage and off the beaten track so-to-speak! My vista is just as LOVELY, if not more so as I am not having to look out upon the lake homes now crowding each other and the lake view as well! Here on the other side of town, there are wide-open spaces, SPACE between you and your neighbor and an AMAZING array of wildlife to behold while sitting on the deck in the evening time, just before sunset. One of my FAVORITE things to share with you quickly is a story about my Dr. Dolittle aka Robert! Robert is gifted with the ability to emulate people and animals and I will walk outside to find him conversing with the doves! It is TOO sweet and QUITE amazing to me as he whistles out a call and they reply and go SO far as to perch in a nearby tree trying to figure out WHO or WHAT they are dealing with!!! SOOOOO funny sometimes as I am sure the poor dove is QUITE disappointed to find he is NOT going to be in the company of one of his own!!! There is something to be said for "birds of a feather, flock together" - LOL!

I apologize for taking so long to get back, but LIFE has been HAPPENING and it seems that it will, of course, keep right on doing so!!! HA, HA!!!

I have just replaced Chicago with the soundtrack to Mamma Mia!!! So many of you declared your LOVE for this UPBEAT and JOYFUL musical starring Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep, that I was inspired to find the tracks. My source has recently done some major upgrading and I REALLY like the ease in finding what I want and not having to deal with sifting through "bad" tracks! So, without further ado, I present you with *MAMMA MIA* and the third and final coordinating alpha for *Girasole* which I have named, *Sunflower Tag Alpha*. I was up until dawn this morning and TOO tired to fix things when I found out that the files were WAY too big for downloading for some, so I created myself an action in Photoshop that VERY quickly reduced all of my files and automatically saved them for me. PHEW! I am SOOOOO glad that I figured out how to do work on some things in "batches"! I have LOTS to learn, but I do plan on sharing with y'all as soon as I am able to!

Thank you for the LOVE and may you ALL have a SUPERB week at home and here in SCRAPLAND!!!

Love back atcha,
Linda :)

P.S. If you DO NOT wish to hear music while on my blog, simply hit the PAUSE button on the player and it will stop for the duration of your visit! I REALLY hope y'all like it as it is rather motivating and uplifting all at the same time! I just want to get up and dance!!! I shall have to fill y'all in another time about my new found addition! I be BLIPPIN'! ROFL! Some of you will already know what I am speaking about! Catch you soon. *wink*

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