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Good morning y'all!!! YUP! It be mornin' time here in Northern Cali! We are just back home from picking John up from work for the fifth day in a row and I am beginning to wonder if I'll ever get my nights back! ROFL! It is now 4:05 AM and I'm choosing to post now for I know not what time I shall arise once my head hits the pillow!!! I've been sleeping until nearly noon, only because I stay up until time for us to leave so that I am sure that Robert is awake! HA! Always a method to the "madness", eh? Uh, huh, you KNOW it!

I hope that you ALL had a LOVELY Mother's Day! My day started, oddly enough, with a call from my firstborn and daughter #1, April! OOOOOPS, I must back up a moment. My FIRST Mother's Day greeting came from son #2, Mark, as he was here at the house until nearly 2:00 am! Anyhoo, I heard from all six kiddos and Robert and I spent the afternoon and early evening with my twin boys and a few of their friends at a VERY nice barbecue that was also in celebration of Lilly's second birthday and Tessa's 18th birthday as well as Mother's Day!

We had a LOVELY time and I even received a phone call from daughter #2, Joan while at the barbecue! We had a FULL day. SO much so that I completely forgot that son #1, Matt, was going to stop by after work to deliver my potted roses that he gave me a peek at as we stopped in at the store to buy flowers for our hostess for the day! Robert awoke Monday morning to find them on the deck! We had both crashed and burned shortly after arriving home around 7:15 after taking John to work. Matt said he knocked, came inside and found us both passed out! We were just a WEE bit tired, eh? ROFL!
Enough of my babbling, I have LOTS to share so I'd better get busy! I will be sharing some photos as well as a NEW freebie by Snowsmoon's Design!

First up is Dawn's NEWEST blog freebie, *Mama's Love*! I am behind, as she has already posted both the papers and the elements, so I am attaching the direct link to each post to each her preview images beneath the layouts. This kit is BEAUTIFUL and the color palette is YUMMY and VERY versatile too! Check out the two layouts, the first by the AMAZING Darlene Harod and the second one by Dawn herself. Aren't they LOVELY??? SO what are you waiting for? Let's go and download these SWEET Mother's Day treats right now! Thank you Dawn, you are ROCKIN' it girlfriend!!! I am going to see if I can find a few moments to scrap as this kit will be PERFECT for Miss Lilly's photos in her Fairy Princess costume!

Click image above to download BG Papers

Click image above to download Elements

Both floral images above are from the LOVELY mixed bouquet that I received from Luke! His girlfriend, Tessa, helped him make a card for me and I wish I could share what they wrote as I'm sure that you all have seen it in print before. I was half chuckling and half crying while Luke read it to me! It goes through the various stages of a child's life and how we go from thinking our mom knows EVERYTHING, to not much of ANYTHING and then WAY back up to being the one to consult on important issues! What a JEWEL of a gift this was! Thank you Luke and Tessa!

The BEAUTIFUL pot of mini-roses above was a gift from my oldest son, Matthew! These are similar to the two rose plants Robert has out in the yard that he had bought for HIS mother many years ago. Mama passed away ten years ago and when Pop moved from just down the street, he gave those roses to Robert and it is AMAZING to watch them THRIVE! VERY special memories right there! Thank you son, you are SO thoughtful!

Bet you've already guessed what THIS is!!! YUP, my NEW 23-inch monitor, my EARLY Mother's Day present from my SWEET, LOVING man! He didn't even flinch when I told him that I had found a steal-of-a-deal, as he's been looking for me for some time and we were waiting for the prices to drop a bit! When I saw this particular model on Dell.com, I had to do a double-take as I could NOT believe it was SO inexpensive! AND, it comes with a 3-year warranty! AWESOME!!! Thank you my SWEET angel!

Anyhoo, as you can see, I am now able to place multiple canvases side-by-side in Photoshop and they are all at 100%! This is making for a much easier designing process for me and has been easier on my eyes too! You can see how cramped my working space is now, so over the next few weeks, Robert and I will be preparing the room next to our bedroom as a special place for us to work on our computers and/or to sit and read as our bookcase is already in that room! It is also the coolest room in the house as it is shaded by several trees!!! WOO HOO - I can't wait. We are in for triple digits this weekend, so the sooner the better!

The filters are getting changed on the swamp cooler so that we fan fire it up this weekend! Please forgive me as I have drawn a TOTAL blank as to who it was that asked me what a swamp cooler is. A swamp cooler is a unit that you can set atop your roof (as ours is) or there are smaller ones that can set inside a window and it has a drum with a filter attached that rotates like the wheel in a hamster's cage. A small hose, in diameter, runs from the outdoor spigot up to the cooling unit. Our indoor switch has five settings. We always run the pump for about 30 seconds to circulate the water and then switch it to HIGH COOL. If the evenings are relatively cool and there is a breeze, we will switch the setting to HIGH FAN. There are also two low settings, but as hot as it gets here, we usually leave it running on HIGH COOL 24/7. The GREATEST benefit to running a swamp cooler is economics as it is VERY inexpensive to operate in comparison to AC.

This is Miss Lilly, who was celebrating her second birthday and dressed as a Fairy Princess! Lilly is an only child at the present time and the couple who hosted the barbecue have two sets of twins (no medical help, just lots of twins in the family!) and are expecting a single baby next month! The oldest are boys, 2-1/2 and the youngest are girl/boy and 1-1/2! Both sets are fraternal. They were all SO well-behaved and had a GOOD time with even more friends that came to visit and play with them!

My babies and twins, Luke and John! Not often I get to snap a photo of them together! You can tell who likes the camera and who does NOT! LOL!

Tessa was the other birthday celebration of the day! Her birthday is actually tomorrow and she turns 18! Luke and Tessa have known each other since grade school and have been girlfriend/boyfriend for several years now. She is a VERY sweet young lady and is looking to work with children in some capacity after she graduates from high school and enters college.

Robert and I have yet to watch Mamma Mia, which was a SPECIAL treat sent out by my daughter, Joan. She and her hubby LOVE it as do MANY of you who have had the pleasure of seeing it when it first debuted at the theater!

Below, is my FOURTH Plaid Epoxy Alpha, which was created to coordinate with *Garisole*, yet is versatile enough to use over-and-over again! Thank you for staying with me so long y'all! I've not shared photos in a while and I thought this to be a good time. I still need to share a few of Kaleb and may do so via a layout or two! I SOOOO need to scrap! *smile*

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone and I'll see you soon with my THIRD and FINAL alpha to go along with *Garisole*. I will give you a bit of a hint - you'll be able to hang this one!

Bon Scrapatit!
Linda :)

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