>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

WOO HOO! I made it back! OMGosh y'all - I kid you not, my sleeping has been SO backwards since the two mornings we had to make a 45 minute round-trip to pick my son, John up from work! I, believe it or not, did not even find my way to bed last night OR the wee hours of this morning! I was WIDE awake! ROFL!
Anyhoo, I am pretty drained and looking forward to a NICE weekend with Robert as we begin to prepare ourselves for summer! The past two days have been warm with a GENEROUS breeze blowing through to keep things comfortable. I am just hoping that it does NOT get HOT before Robert is able to climb up onto the roof to uncover the swamp cooler and to change the filter before cranking that baby up for the FIRST time this season! Oh, but once it gets going, it is WONDERFUL as long as it is left on 24/7 when the temps are 80+!

What are y'all doing for Mother's Day this year? Staying at home? Going to your and your DH's mother's? To your children's? Out to eat? Away for a mini-vacation? I'd LOVE to hear how y'all spend YOUR special day!

Robert and I are BOTH tuckered from our past month of party here and party there and then our week away, so you are laying low. We've been invited to a barbecue by the boys to celebrate both Mother's Day and Luke's girlfriend's "18th" birthday. Robert doesn't wish to go anywhere, but I'm thinking we ought to show our faces for a couple of hours, don't you? He, he ... Three of my boys live here in town so we won't have to go far! PHEW! *sigh*

Wishing you ALL a WONDERFUL weekend upcoming and a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! That is just IN CASE I don't make it back right away, but I have a few more things for you as well as an alpha, so I will be around throughout the weekend!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for ALL of the LOVELY comments on *Garisole*, I am SO happy that SO many of you LOVE sunflowers too! *blush*

YAY Judy!!! She likes sunflowers now and considers them a flower and no longer a weed!!! WOO HOO!

Sorry I am SO late today, but the indecisive person that I am, it took me at least over an hour to pick out what I wanted delivered to my mom tomorrow for Mother's Day!!! I am SOOOO bad!!! And you will find that *Garisole*, Part Three has quite a lot more than I intended it to, however, I just HAD to add ONE more thing - about ten times!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

MAN (morning, afternoon, night) y'all!!! See you sometime tomorrow evening/night! Be GOOD and SCRAP HAPPY! MWAH!

Lots of love,
Linda :)

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